Just the Two of Us: BACKBLAST from Willy’s Way, 7-19-2019


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AO: Willy’s Way
Conditions: 65 degrees F, slight breeze (which would be celebrated later)
PAX: Chunder & Kodak (Q) = 2

YHC shows up to find 2 cars in a parking lot, 1 Shovel Flag…and no PAX. Confusion sets in, then slight depression. The clock strikes 6am, and YHC gives it a few more minutes. Just before all hope is abandoned, a distant figure starts to wave. Is it a mirage? Is it a specter? AHOY! It’s a Chunder returning from a pre-run that took him nigh on to Lenoir.
Breaths were caught. Greetings were exchanged. Go time.

Disclaimer: Given the veteran company and lost time, short and sassy.

First Bits:
(All in cadence)
SSH x20
Hillbillies x20
Merkins x10 HOLD!
Peter Parkers x10 HOLD!
Mountain Climbers x10
Mosey to Main St.


Run from one end of Main St. (charming and quaint) to the other with an exercise station at each of its 4 intersections…
Station 1: 10 Merkins
Station 2: 10 Squats
Station 3: 10 Diamond Merkins
Station 4: 10 Jump Lunges
Mosey to Blowing Rock School

Armor Circuits around the Playground of Pain consisting of:
Elevated Merkins x10
Big Boy situps on the situp racks x10
Unassisted Dips (brutal) on the parallel bars x5
Pullups x5
Mosey to Blowing Rock Park

With 2 PAX, partnering up has never been easier…

My reaction when Chunder chose me.

Wheelbarrow crawl up the steps to the park.
In the Gazebo, one PAX runs the circumference of the playground while the other grabs a bench and gets to Dippin’.
Due to major tricep smokage, the Weinke was then modified:
Both do elevated Merkins x10 in cadence
Both do Derkins x10 oyo

(Around this time, a cool breeze came from On High, blessed us, and completely rejuvenated a pre-run-weary Chunder as he stood there, Scott Stapp-like…with arms wide open)

And the wind, it cries…Chunder.

Run to Tennis Court

4 Corners Tennis, anyone?
Travel to corners of the court with alternating exercises:
Merkins x10
LBCs x20
Bear Crawl the baselines
Lunge Walk the sidelines
Mosey back to AO

(All in cadence)
Plankjacks x15
Freddie Mercuries x20
LBCs x30
As the Dynamic Duo rose and gave a reverent appreciation of a F3 Asphalt Angel, we knew our work was done…

Give it all you’ve got. Leave it there.

5K and 10K opportunities are coming up fast, so sign up here… and if you’re not posting, get to training ASAP.
High Country Cool Down 5k/10k

As ALWAYS, we need some Q sign ups for all AOs. Please, no pressure if you don’t think you’re there just yet (you soon will be)…but if you got that feeling deep down, take the plunge here…
Sign Up Genius – F3 Boone Master Q Sign Up

The 19 For 19 PushUp Challenge started today, and boy-howdy did the Willy’s Way workout hit that (and way more) today. If you’re not posting, at least use this calendar to get better, but more importantly, to honor the life of young Garrett.

Prayer Requests:
Sending traveling grace and safety to Chunder’s girlfriend as she makes it back to NC from Israel sometime today/tonight/tomorrow.

Ball of Man


Till next time, gentlemen, always aim for better.


“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.”

Matthew 18:20