Maybe/Hops Double Play Co-QIC Festival of Pain

Posted on behalf of Hops (and Maybe kinda sorta):

F3 Boone – The Homestead – 7/20/19

Pax List:   Chunder, Digits (FNG), Slaughter, Outhouse, Kodak, Velma, Cowbell, Wildcat, Zippy, Shake & Bake, DIY, HIPAA, Armor, Mighty Wind, Maybe, Hops

Co-Q’s: Maybe & Hops

Ye Olde Moleskinny Thang:

YHC pulled in to the launch lot about 0645, and it warmed my soul to the Shovel Flag flying.  Turns out Chunder was doing a solo pre-run.  After some introductions as the pax mustered, Maybe took the reins.  No disclaimer, of course…who needs that?  Maybe had the Q-drenaline flowing immediately, and the pax headed up a significant hill to an odd, purple-painted daycare parking lot for COP.

Didn’t want to be that unknown guy who refusenik’s the first exercise, so I told HIPAA I was doing the SSH’s Maybe called only so not to offend the F3 Boone pax.  We did some other stuff in COP as well – Merkins might have been it in addition to the useless SSH’s.

Maybe then took us out to the road and pointed up a hill that would give any BRR runner some pause if he were running a leg like it.  1st time up the hill – 20 merkins, 25 squats & 50 LBC’s at any point on the way up or at the very top; just had to complete before heading down.

Some Mary performed – mostly plank work, some Rockhoppers & Stumpjumpers (aka Groiners), American Hammer, Flutters and such after the 1st and 2nd hill runs.

On one of the runs down, I noticed Shake & Bake carrying a water bottle.  WTH?  HIPAA – what’s going on here?  Maybe he was just unduly parched from celebrating his engagement!  T-claps to Shake & Bake who got engaged last night and posted this morning.  Praise God for your engagement and prayers for your marriage, brother.

Anyway, the 2nd run up consisted of 30 merkins, 40 squats & 50 LBC’s.

Some other sundry observations at this point:

  • Cowbell was wearing monkey feet shoes – that’s either genius or recipe for disaster…
  • Chunder yells a lot
  • Our FNG Digits (aka Scott and aka Slaughter’s daughter’s new boyfriend) was my partner for the morning. T-claps for posting with your girlfriend’s dad.  I’ll reuse the previous: ‘that’s either genius or a recipe for disaster’ [EDITOR’S NOTE: Alternative nicknames floated included “Slaughter Sure Has a Lot of Guns”.]
  • Kodak apparently shaved his mustache. Didn’t seem to slow him down.  Slaughter aptly pointed out he looked Amish.  I’d go with “Mose”, Dwight Schrute’s brother on “The Office”
  • Armor, who got named by The Colonel TBQPDQ or whatever? In Metro but had no idea why that’s his nickname, was there. He did say he was adding some steel plating or LED lights or some such to his Hummer/Jeep/Scout…so there’s that.  Also, at coffeeteria after, the pax learned that Armor loves Hootie & The Blowfish and all music that falls under the genre of “jangle pop”.  Yep…that’s right – “jangle pop”.  Rename in order?  HIPAA?  Chunder?  You were both at coffeeteria and have the requisite authority.  “Jangle Pop” would be a great nickname….just sayin’.

So at the 30’ish minute mark, Maybe handed the reins to YHC.  We would not be running any more hills.

Moseyed back to the launch lot and over to the matching pavilions.  Anyone know why a handful of the benches on the picnic tables only had a single seat on either end?  Handicap access?  Anyway, where was I?

2 sets of 20 double-squat jump-up’s and 20 incline Merkins on the tables.

Partner work in between the sets:     Over-under’s x 10.  Flapjack.

Partner work after the 2nd set:          Prairie Fire Mary x 7L, 7C, 7R. Flapjack.

Partner Derkins x 13. Flapjack.

We did some more Mary at this point.  Called Rosalita’s, but after Slaughter loudly asserted that they were worthless exercises, YHC audibled to slow Flutters.  At this point, I was accused of not having a Weinke.  The nerve!  #coachable

Maybe then complained that he was itching or wet or ants were biting, so we did a short lap and came back for some more Mary to finish…in the grass to start….just because.  The F3 Metro guys are not used to their feet or hands hitting grass or dirt.  Just pavement in “The Jungle”, baby!

We finished with some more Mary, including Makthar N’Djaiye’s in the gravelly parking lot…you can blame Maybe for the chewed up elbows.  #cobains

We finished with 10 Burpees OYO, with a quick form tutorial on Burpees.  Might have overstepped, but Slaughter didn’t call me out…

Some other stuff happened, but I can’t remember.

There were some announcements, too:

  • A 5K or 10K or both for F3 and the High Country Soccer Stars or some such on August 3rd at 9am from the soccer complex. (ask HIPAA) LINK:
  • Thursday happy hour at 6pm at the Speckled Bass or Brown Trout or some watering hole (ask Kodak). Editor’s Note: The Speckled Trout in Blowing Rock.

Kodak took the pax out with a great prayer.

It was a privilege to Q the pax of F3Boone this morning.  Excited for what you’ve got started in the high country.  Please know there are many men who need what you’ve found in F3.  Give it away.  EH your neighbor, co-worker, daughter’s boyfriend, etc.  This life was not meant to be lived in isolation, physically or relationally.  Fellowship is essential.

“As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17

One thought on “Maybe/Hops Double Play Co-QIC Festival of Pain

  1. T-Claps to HIPAA, Chunder, and all of F3 Boone (including Jangle Pop) for handing Hops and YHC the reins today. Appreciate the hospitality. It was a ton of fun. You all have a great thing going. Keep it strong.


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