Hill Street Blues: Part Deux; a.k.a “Kodak’s Revenge” ~ Musket BackBlast for 7-31-19

Mood Tune: Peaches and Herb “Reunited (And It Feels So Good)”

AO: Musket
Conditions: 61 degrees, clear, mountain magical
PAX: HIPAA, Chunder, NAFTA, Wildcat, Kodak (Q) = 5

YHC rounded the corner, almost to Musket, with squinting eyes and gritted teeth…pleading with the Lord above that there wouldn’t be a repeat of last week. And AHOY!….. a parking lot with PAX milling about! No Kodak solo this week. After exiting the vehicle, I showed my appreciation and had a moment…

Warm fuzzies for all!

After the smoke cleared, there were 4 HIMs ready to roll. Even though the mood and number were different from the Musket of last week, the song remained the same, meaning last week’s Weinke would be this week’s Weinke…because by GAWD if I did it, you’re going to as well.

(Pulling an audible on the Mood Tune. Now with the touchy-feely out of the way, play this throughout the remainder:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNVTRyewbL8 )

Disclaimer: Short, semi-sweet, ended abruptly by a quick pivot and sprint-like Mosey to Founder’s Plaza.

The First Bits:
During our Mosey, the Head-Always-on-a-Swivel Chunder noticed headlights turning into the AO behind us. He scampered back to pick up the possible (?) Six. What a guy.

All in Cadence
Cotton Pickers x10
Don Quixotes x10

It was at this point that Chunder arrived with a stray Wildcat, who insisted he was intentionally late to miss the obviously-beneath him warm up.
Hillbillies x20
Plank Jacks x10
Mountain Climbers x20

Mosey to Durham Park Bridge No.1


Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally.

YHC, then tries to fulfill the “19 for 19 Challenge” on this next station, but apparently had problems finding the letter “19” in the Thesaurus. HIPAA pulled out his pocket abacus and set the group straight. Edits below.
Bridge No.1 = Merkins regu-lar x8, I mean, x9
Run to Bridge No.2 = Merkins regu-lar x8, I mean, x10
x3, but with a new exercise each time:
Incline Merkins
Derkin Jacks (brutal)

Mosey to Hill St.

Run to the parking lot atop Hill Street.
Jump Squats x10
CrossFit Merkins x15
LBCs x30
Run back down

Repeato, but in reverse…
Backward run up (brutal)
LBCs x10
CrossFit Merkins x15
Jump Squats x30
Run back down.

Mosey to Tunnels of Love

YHC will admit that there was a lot of long-distance Moseying today, especially for a Kodak workout, but I explained (after much snide mumblechatter, making me wish to be alone once more) that I was trying to give some conditioning opportunity to any PAX who are participating in the 5k/10k this weekend (Link in Announcements section). So, YOU’RE WELCOME! *scoff.

You gotta give the people what they want…

So to OBLIGE THEM! and their “Are we there yet” bickering, we stopped for a quick pain station while admiring an artist’s rendition of Orion.
Dips x10 in candence
Short Mosey to the Tunnels of Love..

…only to find it roped off.
The crowd fell silent and fearful that we should just pack it up and head home. YHC don’t play that…

Actual surveillance footage of YHC being a harda$$ trailblazer.

Turns out, it was just a coat of paint, long dried by the Boone night.
Cross the tape and commence BeatDown…

LBCs x20
Bear Crawl through Tunnel No.1
Carolina Dry Docks x20
Run to Tunnel No.2
LBCs x20
Lunge walk through Tunnel No.2
Carolina Dry Docks x20

Start the LONG Mosey back to AO

Vary between High Knees and Butt Kickers.
Carioca the length of Sanford Mall, switching sides halfway through
Arrive back at AO for some Mary

Freddie Mercuries x20
Flutterkicks x20
Stump Jumpers x15

Heels to Heaven x15
Guantanamo (2 rounds)

With 20 seconds remaining, and my Weinke completed, we decided to pour one out for our boy Armor with, you guessed it…
SSH’s x20

Time called.

Again, this weekend is the High Country Cool Down 5k/10k. You can sign up below or the day of.

Again, continue to push yourself with the “19 For 19 Challenge” if you can’t make it out to the workouts (where we work them into the workouts).

AGAIN and ALWAYS, feel free to sign up for an opportunity to Q Your Own Adventure here…

Prayer Requests:
Remember Wildcat and Family as they embark tomorrow on an awesome trip to Italy. Pray for their safety and pray they bring back a lot of souvenirs (sauces, breads, Ferraris, etc.)

Remember Chunder as he awaits some much needed home improvements.

Ball of Man

-Highlights: Great work put in by all. Chunder keeping Wildcat on course. Awesome to see NAFTA out again…keep posting, brother.

-Lowlights: YHC’s bad math, the child-like complaining about Mosey length, Chunder escaping the group to do his exercises at the other end of the tunnel alone, fearful that he would get paint all over his new F3 blouse.

As always, it’s a pleasure to post, and and honor to lead. Until next time, gentlemen, keep getting better.

“We need the iron qualities that go with true manhood. We need the positive virtues of resolution, of courage, of indomitable will, of power to do without shrinking the rough work that must always be done.”

Theodore Roosevelt