A Tale of Three QICs ~ BackBlast for Willy’s Way ~ 8-9-19

AO: Willy’s Way
Conditions: Low 60s, almost balmy, 6/10 Al Rokers
PAX: Little Timmy, Pork Rind, Armor (Co-Q), Chunder (Co-Q), Kodak (Co-Q), Bunyan (FNG), Munson (FNG) = 7

Mood Tune: The Ballad of the Three Amigos

Cant decide on 1 Q?…Get 3. (I’m the tall one)

As Chunder and I were enjoying some much needed 2ndF and some most delicious F3 Shovel Flag Lager at The Trout Thursday night, we thought to ourselves, “Armor’s out of town…so who’s got the Q tomorrow?” We started to formulate a plan for a co-Q when the Kodak Phone leapt to life. After some some previous texting, Armor was in fact blazing up the mountain (in some environmentally-friendly, low-emissions vehicle from his arsenal, no doubt) and said that he’d jump in that action as well. Each Q would have 15 minutes.

3 Qs…

Too many cooks? Or just so crazy it might work? Regardless, we were gonna unleash some sort of hell, either organized or a hot mess, on top of some PAX whether they wanted it or not.
I was really stoked to roll into the lot this morning and see some of the F3 Boone familiar faces, the becoming-familiar face of Pork Rind, and then 2 completely unfamiliar FNG faces. Welcome aboard boys…it might get weird.

So join us, if you will, in this tale of 3 men freed to lead in a sleepy mountain town. Will there be adventure? Will there be triumph or certain doom? …..Romance, perchance?…
You’ll just have to read along in this sure-to-be new classic:

Disclaimer: (Given by Armor): Forceful, factual, funny


Chapter 1
Down on Main Street
(Armor’s Q)

Armor surprised us all and skipped the usual Side Straddle Hops and immediately started a high-paced Mosey to the opposite end of Main St. Once there, the plan was laid out:
Run back the way we came, stopping at each power pole.
1 Burpee at the first
1 JumpSquat at the second
2 Burpees at the next
2 Burpees at the next
So on and so forth till you’re back at The Trout
(Final set was 8 Burpees)
LBCs till The 6 comes in
Then, of course, SSHs x25 in cadence
Mosey to Gazebo
and pass the torch

Chapter 2
Farewell to Arms
(Kodak’s Q)

Our 2 FNGs picked an interesting time to post. It just so happened to be the final day of the “19 for 19 Challenge”. Which means it is the worst toughest day of the challenge. YHC has always found an interesting way to slide the challenge Merkins into his workouts…but I only had 15 minutes today, so it was just shut up, buckle down and get to Merkinin’!
(Each exercise is performed together, on your own count. SSH until everyone finishes the set. Onto the next one together)
Merkins x19
Incline Merkins x19
Derkins x19
Diamond Merkins x19
Merkin Jacks x19
Walking Merkins x19
*BONUS* Double Merkin Jacks x19

Chunder and his beastmode enthusiasm seemed to be relatively unphased by the Brutal Merkinfest that just went down, so he yelled “MOSEY” and the torch was his…

Yes…that IS Chunder’s real hair.

Chapter 3
And the Wind Cried “Mary”
(Chunder’s Q)

Chunder decided that the only way to spend the final 15 minutes of our beatdown was to invite over our old friend Mary. I think we can officially name this torture set “The Chunder”, seeing as it’s becoming a go-to for him, and you can literally see him dancing with giddy anticipation as soon as you hit your six. It goes as follows:
(all in cadence)
American Hammer x30
Dolly x30
Flutter Kick x30
LBC x30
Repeat all twice, descending in reps (x20, then x10)

Somehow, that DIDN’T fill up 15 minutes, so we partnered up…
Partner 1 Dips repeatedly
Partner 2 runs to playground, performs 5 Pullups, runs back
Mosey back AO
Time called

None really of note. Same ole same ole.

Sign up to Q HERE.

Come out and drink here:
Appalachian Mountain Brewery – Friday Aug 16th at 5pm

Prayer Requests:
Continue to remember the Greer family.
Continue to remember an Armor colleague who lost his wife recently.
Remember Pork Rind’s mother, Sandra, who is in poor health in Winston.
Remember the men and women of our military and service folks.

Ball of Man.


Well, we didn’t TOTALLY screw it up! As a matter of fact, it was quite the smokeshow. Pork Rind thought we were cool enough that he’d come post for his 2nd time, and it proved to be A HECK of a first workout for our 2 newbies.
Here’s how the naming went down:

Tom Henry is FNG’s birthname – Sounds like John Henry – “Hammer” would be too cool – other tall tales discussed – Paul Bunyan – BUNYAN (it will be constantly mistaken for “Bunion”…so SCORE!)

FNG#2 is from Pennsylvania originally – Amish – Buggy – Brother Hezekiah (Armor’s KingPin reference, and too long) – MUNSON it is!

We’re getting really good at this naming thing…

Sidenote: I suggest anyone that reads these blasts regularly watch “Kingpin” starring Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid. This is the 3rd or 4th consecutive workout that Armor has referenced this movie, so if you want to understand some random-a$$ references and quotes and names, you might wanna pick it up.

As always, it’s a pleasure to participate, and an honor to lead. Get better every day, gentlemen!


“The strong manly ones in life are those who understand the meaning of the word patience.”

Tokugawa Ieyasu