Maybe/Hops Double Play Co-QIC Festival of Pain

Posted on behalf of Hops (and Maybe kinda sorta):

F3 Boone – The Homestead – 7/20/19

Pax List:   Chunder, Digits (FNG), Slaughter, Outhouse, Kodak, Velma, Cowbell, Wildcat, Zippy, Shake & Bake, DIY, HIPAA, Armor, Mighty Wind, Maybe, Hops

Co-Q’s: Maybe & Hops

Ye Olde Moleskinny Thang:

YHC pulled in to the launch lot about 0645, and it warmed my soul to the Shovel Flag flying.  Turns out Chunder was doing a solo pre-run.  After some introductions as the pax mustered, Maybe took the reins.  No disclaimer, of course…who needs that?  Maybe had the Q-drenaline flowing immediately, and the pax headed up a significant hill to an odd, purple-painted daycare parking lot for COP.

Didn’t want to be that unknown guy who refusenik’s the first exercise, so I told HIPAA I was doing the SSH’s Maybe called only so not to offend the F3 Boone pax.  We did some other stuff in COP as well – Merkins might have been it in addition to the useless SSH’s.

Maybe then took us out to the road and pointed up a hill that would give any BRR runner some pause if he were running a leg like it.  1st time up the hill – 20 merkins, 25 squats & 50 LBC’s at any point on the way up or at the very top; just had to complete before heading down.

Some Mary performed – mostly plank work, some Rockhoppers & Stumpjumpers (aka Groiners), American Hammer, Flutters and such after the 1st and 2nd hill runs.

On one of the runs down, I noticed Shake & Bake carrying a water bottle.  WTH?  HIPAA – what’s going on here?  Maybe he was just unduly parched from celebrating his engagement!  T-claps to Shake & Bake who got engaged last night and posted this morning.  Praise God for your engagement and prayers for your marriage, brother.

Anyway, the 2nd run up consisted of 30 merkins, 40 squats & 50 LBC’s.

Some other sundry observations at this point:

  • Cowbell was wearing monkey feet shoes – that’s either genius or recipe for disaster…
  • Chunder yells a lot
  • Our FNG Digits (aka Scott and aka Slaughter’s daughter’s new boyfriend) was my partner for the morning. T-claps for posting with your girlfriend’s dad.  I’ll reuse the previous: ‘that’s either genius or a recipe for disaster’ [EDITOR’S NOTE: Alternative nicknames floated included “Slaughter Sure Has a Lot of Guns”.]
  • Kodak apparently shaved his mustache. Didn’t seem to slow him down.  Slaughter aptly pointed out he looked Amish.  I’d go with “Mose”, Dwight Schrute’s brother on “The Office”
  • Armor, who got named by The Colonel TBQPDQ or whatever? In Metro but had no idea why that’s his nickname, was there. He did say he was adding some steel plating or LED lights or some such to his Hummer/Jeep/Scout…so there’s that.  Also, at coffeeteria after, the pax learned that Armor loves Hootie & The Blowfish and all music that falls under the genre of “jangle pop”.  Yep…that’s right – “jangle pop”.  Rename in order?  HIPAA?  Chunder?  You were both at coffeeteria and have the requisite authority.  “Jangle Pop” would be a great nickname….just sayin’.

So at the 30’ish minute mark, Maybe handed the reins to YHC.  We would not be running any more hills.

Moseyed back to the launch lot and over to the matching pavilions.  Anyone know why a handful of the benches on the picnic tables only had a single seat on either end?  Handicap access?  Anyway, where was I?

2 sets of 20 double-squat jump-up’s and 20 incline Merkins on the tables.

Partner work in between the sets:     Over-under’s x 10.  Flapjack.

Partner work after the 2nd set:          Prairie Fire Mary x 7L, 7C, 7R. Flapjack.

Partner Derkins x 13. Flapjack.

We did some more Mary at this point.  Called Rosalita’s, but after Slaughter loudly asserted that they were worthless exercises, YHC audibled to slow Flutters.  At this point, I was accused of not having a Weinke.  The nerve!  #coachable

Maybe then complained that he was itching or wet or ants were biting, so we did a short lap and came back for some more Mary to finish…in the grass to start….just because.  The F3 Metro guys are not used to their feet or hands hitting grass or dirt.  Just pavement in “The Jungle”, baby!

We finished with some more Mary, including Makthar N’Djaiye’s in the gravelly parking lot…you can blame Maybe for the chewed up elbows.  #cobains

We finished with 10 Burpees OYO, with a quick form tutorial on Burpees.  Might have overstepped, but Slaughter didn’t call me out…

Some other stuff happened, but I can’t remember.

There were some announcements, too:

  • A 5K or 10K or both for F3 and the High Country Soccer Stars or some such on August 3rd at 9am from the soccer complex. (ask HIPAA) LINK:
  • Thursday happy hour at 6pm at the Speckled Bass or Brown Trout or some watering hole (ask Kodak). Editor’s Note: The Speckled Trout in Blowing Rock.

Kodak took the pax out with a great prayer.

It was a privilege to Q the pax of F3Boone this morning.  Excited for what you’ve got started in the high country.  Please know there are many men who need what you’ve found in F3.  Give it away.  EH your neighbor, co-worker, daughter’s boyfriend, etc.  This life was not meant to be lived in isolation, physically or relationally.  Fellowship is essential.

“As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17


There Are No Flat Workouts in F3 Boone – Foxfire Backblast (7-16-19)

There Are No Flat Workouts in F3 Boone


Launch Conditions: Balmy 68 degrees. Muggy. Drinkable air.  

Pax: Canuck (Davidson), Chunder, HIPAA, Kodak, Little Timmy, NAFTA, Thin Mint (Charleston, SC)

Mileage: An aggressive 3.04 miles

Difficulty: A Full Teddy on the Herman-Willink Scale. 

Disclaimer: Given twice. See notes below.

Strava Map: Looks a little bit like a coonskin cap. Or maybe like Cutman from Mega Man if you turn it upside down and squint hard.  


7 Pax including 2 DR pax from other Regions and one FNG discovered that hills are never very far away when you are in @F3Boone  

Muster at Shovel Flag at 0530. #ZuluTime

Brief disclaimer to full veteran squad.

Mosey to paved parking lot. Started doing some warmups. SSH, IW, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Hillbillies, etc. FNG wanders up and falls right into cadence. Immediately cue the mumblechatter – “Who are you? Are you confused? Why are you here? F3? On purpose?” YHC stops the workout to re-give the full, authentic disclaimer. #JusticeNeverSleeps. 

Realized there was some sort of local law enforcement PT going on at the same time. Cars rolling in left and right. Avoided being identified and no mention of outstanding warrants. Close call. 

Wander across the street to the kiddie playground. 5 laps around playground. Descending pullups starting at 5 (each lap). Flex-hang for the six. 

Mosey to the Baseball field. Teach the pax about the positions on a baseball field. Run positions from 9 to 1. Merkins. Finish squatting behind home plate with Al Gore. Run it back with CDDs. 

Mosey to Ye Olde Student Parking Lot. Lots of pavement. Vast. Flat. Blacktop as far as the eye can see…..


At this point in the workout, the Canadian decides to comment that it sure is flat in Boone and how he has to tell all his friends that he made it out of Boone without running hills. Fortunately, this is where my Weinke ended so it was ad lib-o-rama from here on out…..


YHC opened up the playbook, let the creative juices flow, and really started to explore the space. 

Impromptu Triple Nickel between the light posts (merkins and jump squats). Can you feel it, baby? I can too. 

Now about those hills……

Head towards Mt. Nickelback. Along the way, we did some backwards running, carioca, high knees, various and sundry errata etc etc. 

Ascent of Mt. Nickelback

No tricks, just straight up All You Can Eat Hill. 5 x merkins at each turn in the road. Meet at top. Yog back down. 

Grab a couple of fist-sized coupons and execute the 21 Gun Salute. 

Indian Run aka Mosey of Native American Oppression back to the launch. #NoManLeftBehind




Most of the moleskin is embedded above today. I gotta tell you, coming into this morning YHC was not altogether sure what he would find. Certainly not amped up and not particularly well-prepared. But like all great F3 AOs, #IronSharpensIron and immediately caught a contact high off the pax (or was that LT’s dinner last night?) and got the Q Juice flowing. Canuck definitely poked the bear when he suggested the lack of hills. YHC believes that was the turning point. All good from there out. 

A few good messages in the COT today – especially from Canuck. Look out for each other. Take care of yourself. You cannot be the leader you were created to be without first “getting right”. Just because you think you are fit doesn’t mean you are healthy – go to the doctor. If something is wrong, speak up. Don’t wait until it is too late. Life is precious. 

Blessed to have Thin Mint with us today from Charleston and so great to have Kodak back from his sojourn. 

Little Timmy (LT) has been hitting it hard and consistently. He puts a lot of younger guys to shame. A great addition to the pax. Looking forward to your first Q, brother. 

Welcome to FNG NAFTA. But isn’t NAFTA dead? Maybe? Maybe not? A great man once said “What is dead can never die.” So, NAFTA, welcome to immortality. Enjoy it. 


Sign up for the 5K/10K High Country Cool Down on August 3 –


Sign up to Q! Link is here:


7.6.2019 Backblast – The Homestead at Respect Park: A Very Special Post-Holiday Beatdown


DATE: 07/06/2019

QIC: Double D

PAX: HIPAA, Chunder, Lassie, Armor, Yosef, Little Timmy, DIY, Velma, Gnarly Goat, Blackbeard, Sugar Mountain, Canuck, Wojo, Houlihan, Mork, DD, Haggis, Breaker Breaker, Paint by Numbers, NARC, OneCall + 3 others

As the pax gathered in the pre-launch gloom on this holiday weekend at The Homestead, the zeal was high among visitors from various flatland regions. In fact, there was a feel of bravado emerging as the question surfaced whether any local pax would post. Does HIPAA count? Well, he rolled in and we allowed him to punch the locals ticket. Then Lassie, Chunder and Little Timmy strolled in followed by DIY, Armor and Velma. Game on! The local pax would not be shutout in numbers, nor would they be overcome physically, as The Thang would reveal. No FNGs, so basic Disclaimer was pronounced and the fun began.

The Thang

Mosey to construction parking lot

COP – SSH, Mtn climbers, Peter Parkers, Hillbilly Walkers, Windmill (Yosef fiddled his way in after the first few bars from the band)

Mosey to covered picnic pavilions in the park and pick a partner you don’t know

Partner 1 does continuous exercise, while Partner 2 does Bear Crawl to other pavilion and Crawl Bear back; flapjack
Round 1 = Derkins
Round 2 = Step-ups
Change Bear Crawl/Crawl Bear to Forward lunge walk/ Backward lunge walk
Round 3 = Dips
Round 4 = Irkins

Mosey to trailhead across river along Hunting Hills Ln

10 Burpees OYO, run to preschool in Pink House at top of hill + 10 Burpees OYO, run back down

Rinse and repeat adding another hill from Pink House to Cul de sac + 10 burpees there

Mosey down trail to App athletic fields

COP – SSH (tip of the cap to Armor), Monkey humpers, Slow sumo squat, Squat jumps, Makhtar N’Dyae, Knee-tar N’Dyae, (on your six by request from Gnarly Goat) Flutters, Freddy Mercurys, Hello dollies

Mosey across covered bridge, across App athletic fields to parking lot

Line up along long side fence facing parking lot

Suicides across parking lot to other fence (five lines)

Find your partner

Burpee suicide with our partner (five lines for each partner)

Mosey home

LBCs to wrap it up


Naked man moleskin

BOOM! No, that’s not the echoes of July 4th fireworks. It’s the largest group of pax @F3Boone since the March 23rd launch. Boone and the High Country are clearly the playground of the Carolinas (sorry Charleston, Asheville, Myrtle)…pax from at least 8 different regions posted this morning. It was a United F3Nation gathering and all departed in various stages of soggy — from the ground, the gloom and the beatdown. T-claps to all for a stellar effort!

A strong push from flatlanders like Haggis, Gnarly Goat and Canuck couldn’t prevail over the mountain men of Lassie, Chunder and Armor. F3Boone is making a solid 1st F impact on the pax of the High Country.

Apologies to the pax I missed in the attendance list. I should’ve delegated recording to a millennial. We know and you know you were there.

Several mentions of Simone (F3 GSO) throughout the morning. You were missed, amigo.

With July 4th still close in the rearview mirror, the message today revolved around #freedom. It’s a gift we each enjoy. Like the gift of F3, we’re called to pass it onto others. The challenge to the pax as 2H2019 kicks off is to identify one person you can pass some freedom onto. Maybe it’s your spouse or child. Maybe it’s your boss, colleague or employee. Maybe it’s even your neighbor, sibling or parent. Find someone who needs it and give it away.

PSA from Canuck highlighted his upcoming one-year anniversary since a heart procedure that helped him avoid a potentially lethal event. Praises for his progress and a word of caution to all pax to be vigilant in monitoring your physical health. In this regard, the pax offered continued prayers for Gilligan from GSO.

Chunder put out the call for Q sign ups @F3Boone. All pax of F3Nation are welcome to Q. There’s a workout six days/week now, so take advantage of the open calendar here while you wait for months to find a spot in your home region.

Great coffeeteria at Hatchet Coffee!

Thanks to HIPAA for the opportunity to Q. It’s always an honor to lead the pax, especially DR.

I love the spirit of F3Boone. Keep it up, brothers!

Appalcart Backblast – 7-4-19 – The Sparkler Relay and a 21 Gun Salute


The Sparkler Relay and a 21 Gun Salute


Launch Conditions: A crisp 65-ish degrees. Patriotic. Free from Tyranny.
Pax: Blackbeard, Breaker Breaker, Chunder, Clover, Fallout, Gnarly Goat, HIPAA (QIC), Lassie, Shake and Bake

Mileage: 2.13 miles
Difficulty: I give this one a Jack Churchill on the Herman-Willink Scale.

Disclaimer: Brief. #1stAmendment
Strava: Looks kind of like purse. Or maybe a tea bag.

9 Pax declared their independence from mediocrity and exercised their freedom to self-inflict pain by running around a shopping mall and giving each other piggyback rides. Details follow.

COP – Various warmups. (Always including the local mascot exercises, the Hillbilly and the Mountain Climber).

The Thang (Part I):

Two big laps around mall (.5 mile each).

Complete called exercise at each of 4 corners. 10, 10, 10, 13 (43 reps total per lap).





The Thang (Part II):


21 Gun Salute – Grab small rock in each hand.

21 x curls.

21 x hammer curls.

21 x reverse curls.

Wince in pain.


Mosey to benches.

Set 1:

Step ups.



Set 2:

Box jumps.



Final Thang/Psuedo-CSAUP:

Sparkler Relay. Pair up. Each partner gets a sparkler. Space out however you want. Goal is to complete as much of one lap around the Mall as possible. If you don’t complete the lap, the rest of the lap you must wheelbarrow or partner carry (you get to choose! #freedom).

Arrived back at launch as the clock struck 0615.



Appalcart barrelled down Pain Avenue and hung a Ricky onto Suffering Ave. Fortunately the brave pax of Boone were there to absorb it all. Holiday Self-Improvement Merit Badge: Earned.

It was great to have so many folks in town from other Regions.

Gnarly Goat and Blackbeard were up camping for the weekend. Watch out for bear. And red coats.

Fallout made the mistake of wearing an F3 shirt to the Blowing Rock Park on Tuesday evening, and YHC shamed him into posting. Meanwhile, his M and other family members were wondering who this creepy dude was who was accosting their guy.

The theme today was 243 – America’s 243rd birthday. Simone used the concept of 243 reps on Wednesday (#PrematureIndependence), so YHC changed it up to be 2 (laps) and 43 (reps). Not trying to score points for creativity, honestly.

Overheard in the Gloom:

“I thought you guys were supposed to be laid back.”

New Motto: “F3 Boone – A vacation from your vacation” or “The place to go to forget your happy place.”

“When does it get hard?” quipped the doe-eyed Chunder with characteristic youthful naivete and exuberance. Bad move. How about some hard laps, partner carries, wheelbarrows and a 21 gun salute, hombre?

In case there was any doubt about YHCs level of seriousness, we used real, live sparklers today. The concept on the sparkler relay was good on paper – challenging to execute due to difficulties with lighting them up. These sparklers would light for approximately 34 seconds, so that doesn’t give you a ton of time to get around the Mall. Which means you had plenty of time for partner carries and wheelbarrows….

YHC thought the 21 Gun Salute was good. Felt the burn. Have to be careful about coupon selection, though. Will submit to Exicon Committee for approval.

Announcements: Sign up to Q! Link is here:


Inaugural Foxfire Backblast – 6-11-19 – The Three-Headed Monster


Launch Conditions: 55 degrees.
Pax: Chunder, HIPAA (QIC), Kodak
Mileage: 2.07 miles
Difficulty: Milton on the Herman-Willink Scale.

Disclaimer: Robust. Thorough. Legally accurate.

3 hardcore, dedicated Pax helped christen the newest workout in F3 Boone-land (at the oldest AO in F3 Boone-land).


Side-Straddle Hops x 14

Low, Slow Squats x 14

Imperial Walkers x 14

Merkins x 14

Mountain Climbers x 14

Thang I:

Mosey to the playground (y’know).

Pullups × 50 per Pax. Once at failure, partner-assisted or hang flexed. 10 x per round, then take a lap around the playground, dodging the kids ride-on toys.

Mosey to street corner. Partner merkins x 10 each.

Cross the footbridge. Partner merkins x 10 each.

Mosey to back of Leon Levine Hall of Health Sciences:

Back stairs – Partner wheelbarrow to top of steps. Mosey back down. Since we only had 3 pax, we took turns being the wheelbarrow-er, wheelbarrow-ee, and doing LBCs on the side. Repeat x 3.

Parking Lot Laps of Pain: Exercise at each corner of lap. Add 5 per corner. CDD x 5, Jump Squats x 10, CDD x 15, Jump Squats x 20, etc….. 2 laps total.

Find a wall. Peoples Chair.

Dancing Chilcutt:

Dancing Chilcutt Elbow Plank w/alternating leg lifts in cadence. Great for the back, not so much for the elbows

Makhtar N’Diayes:

Makhtar N’Diayes From plank position, a 4-count exercise in which you put each elbow to the ground and then back into regular plank. Named for late ’90s Sengalese basketball player at UNC notorious for his elbows. Pronunciation: MAC-tar JIE – rhymes with “sky”.

Mosey back to launch, stopping to do some Mary along the way.

Kill some time at picnic shelters:

Dips x 14 (IC)

Coyote Lonely x 5

Dips x 14 (IC)



Welcome to Foxfire. This is one of the AO names that has been in the holding tank until it was ripe. We have fine, aged naming of AOs here in Boone. Suggested by Zippy, so that kind of makes him the Godfather of Foxfire. Some background:

Foxfire, also called fairy fire or chimpanzee fire,[1] is the bioluminescence created by some species of fungi present in decaying wood. The bluish-green glow is attributed to a luciferase, an oxidative enzyme, which emits light as it reacts with a luciferin. The phenomenon has been known since ancient times, with its source determined in 1823.

It is also my wedding anniversary today. 14 years. Lots of reps of 14. Here’s to (at least!) 14 more….

Realize Kodak has a bit of a knee scenario he is nursing, so tried to keep distance reasonable and hit upper body hard(er). #beachseason Heal up, brother. He also volunteered that his Twitter-enthusiasm level (TEL) at 9:30pm the night before was significantly higher than his 4:45am-Pre-Post-enthusiam level (PPEL) the day of the workout.

Also tried to keep things generally on pavement, given the recent flooding.

Chunder claims he doesn’t drink caffeine. Maybe that’s true. Maybe it’s straight cocaine or meth. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

Ultimately decided to give this workout a Milton on the Herman-Willink Scale. It just wasn’t a huge smoker, but I suppose decent and at the end of the day, no one is going to take my red stapler.

Homestead Backblast – 6-8-19 – Soggy McDeuce



Launch Conditions: Mountain-fresh 65 degrees.
Pax: Chunder, Clover, HIPAA (QIC), Lassie, NARC (FNG), Splinter (FNG), Velma (FNG), WIldcat, Yosef
Mileage: 2.64 miles
Difficulty: John Wayne on the Herman-Willink Scale.
Disclaimer: Robust. Thorough. Legally accurate. .

9 Pax (including 3 FNGs) ignored the elements and the warmth of their dry beds to do some exercises and stuff. Here is what we did.

Mini-CoP in gravel launch lot.

SSH x 30 (?)

LSS x 20

Mosey to small paved parking lot.


Merkin x 10

Mountain Climber x 10

Imperial Walker x 20

Carioca – down and back.

Lunge walk → Backwards run.

Bear crawl → Backwards run

Mosey to big parking lot.

Dirty McDeuce. 12 x merkins, 12 x squats, 12 x lbc. Run around horse trailer (?!). Repeat 3x with:

Widearm merkins, lunges, heels to heaven

Diamond merkins, RDLs, Flutter

Mosey to steps.. Quick feet up stairs. Jog down. Repeat x 3.

Jog to switchback hill. Grab rocks. Catch me if you can – backwards run with p2 doing merkins x 10. Flapjack.

Rock accessory work at the summit: Shoulder press, curls, triceps extension

Yog back to launch.

Jack webb.





Arrived at the launch site early and immediately heard grumblings about the fact that it was raining, getting wet, when we would get wet (beginning or end of workout), how we would get wet, how wet we would get, whether there would be burpees, etc. Don’t worry, men, there’s plenty of rain to go around.

I would also note that this was a Burpee-free workout. You’re welcome.

The Big Hill (which still needs a nickname) was much steeper than I remembered.

Chunder made the comment that none of the sports he played growing up involved any balls. Indeed…..

Yosef made it to the AO just in the nick of time, but he has a good excuse – he was playing a show at the Blue Ridge Music Hall of Fame the night before. #BluegrassRoyalty

Lassie tried to re-nickname me Stumpy. He’s 6’5”. Sorry, big guy. Not happening. #StillBitterAboutHisNickname He will have to take it out on the FNGs.

Wildcat disclosed that he slept on a sleeping bag on Velma’s floor to make sure he posted today. Velma’s wife thought it was a little creepy, but at least they made it to the workout. #Dedication

Clover joined us from DR in Charlotte. I think he was the only one to show up in appropriate rain gear and an F3 Boone shirt (as opposed to his usual Duke shirt). #DressedForSuccess

Strong showing from the FNGs. All three posted on a day with a high level of gloom. I promised they would get good (or at least not awful) nicknames. I think we did a decent job there. Strong effort and not a single complaint. Loved having you guys join us. Keep posting!

Musket Backblast – 6-5-19 – Coyote Lonely



Launch Conditions: Mountain-fresh 65 degrees.
Pax: Chunder, Double D, HIPAA (QIC), Kodak, Lassie, Yosef
Mileage: 2.34 miles
Difficulty: Jack Churchill on the Herman-Willink Scale.

Disclaimer: Short. Accurate.

6 Pax mustered at Musket for many merkins and a couple of miles. This is their story.

Mini-CoP (while waiting for Yosef and Kodak to finish parking)

5 burpees OYO

SSH x 25

Mosey on to Locust. Carioca up and back down hill. Backwards run up hill, yog (or backwards yog) down hill.

Mosey to the stone circle seating area place near Durham Park. CoP II:

Hand-release merkins

Mountain climbers

Possibly some other stuff I can’t recall.

Thang I:

Partner up. Each pair of Pax run to each bench around the Park and do one Coyote Ugly each per bench. Complete entire loop around park. Converge back at start.

Mosey to tennis courts.

Thang II:

Bear Crawl – Lunge Walk Suicides. #omaha halfway through to cut short after about 3 tennis courts.

Mosey to Rivers Street parking garage.

Thang III:

Triple nickel. 5 x jump squats at bottom of ramp, 5 x hand-release merkins at top of ramp, repeat x 5.

Mosey over to Thomas Hall. Hold supine pullup for stated count. Repeat x 3.

Mosey to small pile of rocks near tennis courts by Durham Park.

Shoulder Press x 60

Curls x 50

Mosey back to Launch.




Blessed to have #F3Royalty Double D with us today and to dispense some wisdom to the pax at coffeeteria. Had the sense that he was holding back this morning to avoid showing up the Q. Appreciate it brother!

Kodak hit failure on the Coyote Uglies after about half the benches. Modified to unsupported merkin, incline merkin, double incline merkin. Dubbed it the Coyote Lonely. That’ll stick.

Lassie took a break from his aggressive running schedule to join us – glad to have you out brother. I know it ain’t easy to make it out and appreciate you being there.

Yosef crushed it after a late night last night. Great effort. Noted that his hammy had loosened up and was feeling lean and mean. Never underestimate prayer and F3. A potent combo.

Prayers: Prayer request from Double D for young woman in Chicago currently battling cancer.

Announcements: Chunder unveiled ChunderFest 2019 – an aggressive move to accelerate F3 Boone from 2 to 6 workouts per week. Join us. Train is leaving the station, fellas. Check the website for schedule and details.