Making Room for the Feast~ A Musket BackBlast ~11-27-19

AO: Musket
Conditions: 49 degrees F (more like wtF?), balmy, rainy, 5/10 Al Rokers
PAX: Yosef, Shake’N’Bake, Double D, Pork Rind, Kodak (Q) = 5

Rain was in the forecast. It was gonna be nasty. But YHC is a caring, thoughtful Q and promised a workout that would keep the PAX as dry as humanly possible…Dry from rain, that is.
YHC was unsure of who might show up that morning, what with a poor weather forecast, the Thanksgiving travel schedules, and back-and-forth ailments that have been plaguing F3 Boone as of late. But a HC by a DownRange Double D the night before had this ole boy STOKED for a beatdown…and it went as follows:

Disclaimer: All seasoned veterans here. It was brief, but given nonetheless.

The First Bits:
Mosey to Anne Belk Hall
(all performed in cadence)
SSHs x15
Hillbillies x10
Arm circles forward x15
Low Slow Squats x10
Arm circles backward x15
Mosey to Library Parking Deck

(A variation of last week’s 21s. YHC needed to up it one circuit for math’s sake…stay tuned for explanation.)
With post-it notes in hand, YHC asked each PAX to select either a leg or core exercise. It was then written on a post-it and placed on the ground. The final selections went like this:
-Yosef = JumpSquats (solid)
-Double D = Monkey Humpers (dammit)
-Shake’N’Bake = Freddie Mercuries (after being told BearCrawls weren’t an option)
-Pork Rind = Alternating Lunges (brutal)
-Kodak = LBCs (textbook)

Like last week, there are 2 ends. The first end contains the exercises written down. The second end contains Merkins…a lot of them.
Each “lane” contains 22 reps.
Do 1 rep of the exercise. Run down to do 21 Merkins. Run to next exercise station.
Do 2 reps of the exercise. Run down to do 20 Merkins. Repeat until you’re doing 21 reps of exercise, and 1 Merkin.

All said and done, we did about 250 reps per side (253 to be precise), equaling around 500 reps. The average American consumes 4,500-5,000 calories on Thanksgiving Day. So, because I’m not a psychopath, I dropped a Zero and gave us 500 reps of thankfulness, clearing our bodies and minds and preparing us for a day of much-deserved rest and gorging. (And I don’t know about you boys, but those Merkins are taking a toll on me today.)
Time to round it out with some Mary.

(all performed in cadence)
LBCs x30
American Hammers x20
FlutterKicks x10
J-Lo’s x5
J-Lo’s x5
FlutterKicks x10
American Hammers x20
LBCs x30
Mosey back to AO Launch

Time called.

– F3 Boone Gear pre-order was a success! Thanks to all that participated and enjoy those new threads when they come in!
– An impromptu workout is in the works for Friday morning (Nov. 29th). Sounds like several PAX are interested. Hit up Slack for details, as that is where everything is developing minute-to-minute.
– Saturday at Homestead is going down, per usual. Double D has the Q, thankfully. With us all spread here and there, we really appreciate you carrying the torch brother! (Also, Chunder is still recovering, but plans to try for the CoT and/or coffeteria on Saturday before shipping out to the Navy. BE THERE if you can!)

Prayer Requests:
– Pray for our country and its leaders.
– Remember Shake’N’Bake’s wife as she goes for testing for lymes disease.
– Prayers for all PAX and families traveling this season.
– Remember Chunder as he recovers from his recent spell and fall. And as he prepares to go serve our great country.
– PRAISE REPORT!!! – Yosef’s daughter tested negative for lymphoma! A Thanksgiving present, for sure!

Ball of Man.

Almost to the day, it’s only been 8 months since the official launch of F3 Boone. It seems like it’s been here forever. It really is a task trying to remember what my life was like before this past March. The camaraderie it has provided. The drive it has given me. The friendships it has fostered. The unwavering, consistent brotherhood whenever you’re at a DownRange workout, or, if you just happen along a complete stranger wearing an F3 shirt. You see that symbol, and you instantly know the man wearing it, and he knows you.
This day, Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks for everything I don’t deserve every day:
A Savior that loves me.
The family He has blessed me with.
The opportunity of being born in the greatest country in the history of human existence.
The blessing of being born, raised, and still living in one of the most beautiful areas of that country.
The friends that I depend on, and that depend on me.
Health and safety.
AND, the new family of F3 Nation that I’ve been introduced to this year.

Whether it’s a spouse, significant other, child, family member, friend or fellow PAX…grab them today, hug them, let them know what they mean to you, and spend this day being TRULY THANKFUL.

I love you guys…and I mean it.
A pleasure to be out there. An honor to lead.
Until next time, gents.


“O give thanks unto the LORD; for he is good: because his mercy endureth for ever.”

Psalms 118:1

BLACKJACK! (aka: 21 Jump Street)~Backblast for Musket~11-13-19

On this day, fartsacking wouldn’t have been such a bad gamble.

AO: Musket
Conditions: 11 degrees F, zero wind, crystal clear, every breath incapacitates/yet invigorates, chance of beardcicles: 100%, 6/10 Al Rokers
PAX: Chunder, Wildcat, Yosef, Kodak (Q) = 4

(MUCH apologies on behalf of YHC…this last week has been pretty hectic at Casa Del Kodak. This is the latest I’ve ever posted a BB, and hopefully, the last time it happens. Yosef’s Musket BB posted in record time this morning was my inspiration for getting out of my BB Fartsack, and posting like a true HIM would. Read about Yosef’s AWESOME Q right HERE. Anyway, onto last week…)

This day was coming. Everyone was watching the forecast. This day was still coming. It kept getting colder and colder. Calendar days ticked off one-by-one. Maybe it can change, right? The day came…and it was all Mother Nature and the weatherman promised it would be…

Tid bit nipply, eh Russ?

If you consult your F3 Handbook nightly (as I do, and sure that you do as well), you’ll remember the 3rd Core Principle of our great organization:

#3: All workouts are held outside, rain or shine, heat or cold.

Anticipating some brutal winds, YHC decided to find some sort of shelter to serve as a barricade for our faithful PAX who dared to show up. A nice morning in the parking deck sounded in order. I assured the potential PAX the night before that we’d spend a majority of our time in the friendly confines of the Library Parking Deck…so come on out, IT SHOULD BE FUN…AMIRITE?! …guys?

So, YHC rolls into Musket’s parking lot with very few minutes to spare.
No familiar vehicles, no shovel flag, no group standing in a huddle, hands thrust in pockets, jogging in place to stay warm….nada. Yosef had hit me up on Slack minutes before saying that he’d had some car battery issues and if he didn’t make it to the launch, he’d meet us in the parking deck.
Time arrived, and still no one. YHC felt a little defeated, and was about to call it quits, key turned in ignition..but remembered the possibility of a Yosef sighting at the deck later. Iron sharpens Iron. Leave no man behind, and no man where you found him. Better get your rear in gear, Kodak. Key leaves ignition.
As soon as I step out, 2 comets come in hot! It’s Chunder and Wildcat respectively, frost still fresh on barely scraped windshields.
It may feel like 1 degree…but my soul is warm, you guys…

With a trio of HIMs, might as well do tha damn thing…We ain’t getting any warmer standing around talking.

Disclaimer: Given, but brief. It’s cold. Let’s get moving.

The First Bits
Mosey to AppState Post Office Parking lot
‘Baccer Pickers
Arm Circles forward
Low Slow Squats
Arm Circles bacward
Mountain Climbers
Mosey to Library Parking Deck

The Thang:
Each PAX draws a card (homemade by YHC…they were special…not for resale) that has an exercise on it. Those are the stations at one end. Nothing but Merkins on the other end. Do the exercise, run to the opposite end, do Merkins.
You do 21 reps per lane, starting with 1 rep of exercise, run to the other end for 20 Merkins. Run back to 2nd exercise for 2 reps, run down for 19 Merkins. Do this until you’re doing 1 Merkin and 20 reps of the exercise. Here’s what we did:
Heels to Heaven
Apollo Ohno’s

Half way through, YOSEF EMERGED! And being the HIM he is, he fell right in and did his reps till we were finished.

End of the 21s, the Merkin total = 210 (*bulging eyeball emoji* here)
With some, but not a lot of time left, let’s Mosey to the top of the deck for some Mary.

Pictured: Wildcat after a round of 21s

American Hammers x30
LBCs x20
Flutterkicks x10
Flutterckicks x10
LBCs x20
American Hammers x30
Mosey back to Launch

YHC misjudged the desire for the PAX to get back to their warm vehicles, so we smoked the Mosey back, and still had a few minutes. So we …

30 seconds of Al Gore
Various Planks
10 Merkins, oyo

Time called.

At the time of this posting, we have 5 days remaining for our F3 Boone Regional gear, courtesy of MudGear. 6 more items need to be sold to fulfill the order. Bug the wife. Buy something for yourself, or for an FNG you’re headlocking…guilt them into coming. “I mean, I got you the shirt, you kinda GOTTA show now.”
Whatever it takes, get it done.

Prayer requests:

Ball of Man

This crowd continues to amaze. Waking up. Looking at a temperature that would keep most people inside all day, let alone, go and sweat outside in a parking deck for 45 mins. But that’s who we are, and that’s what we do. We know that if we’re fully capable of waking up, standing up, and going out the door that there will be at least another guy there beside you when you get there, if for no other reason than to keep you from standing in that parking lot alone.

And batten down the hatches, boys…because mornings like this one are gonna be plentiful in our future. Use it. Embrace it. Do it.
(In case you missed it from the twitters and Slack last week, this is a good refresher course. Watch below.)

A pleasure to sweat. An honor to lead.
Until next time…

“Winter is coming.”

Eddard Stark of House Stark

Pull Around to the First Window, Please. Backblast for Willy’s Way West ~ 11-4-19

In the bag: A HIMburger with pickles and PAIN-naise

Mood Tune: I’m Lovin’ It by Justin Timberlake (get it?)

AO: Willy’s Way West
Conditions: 30 degrees F, every star in the sky visible, mountain crisp, 10/10 Al Rokers
PAX: Chunder, HIPAA, Yosef, Pebbles (FNG), Kodak (Q) = 5

After hacking up lungs and perfecting my SPOT-ON impersonation of Val Kilmer’s depiction of western legend Doc Holliday for almost an entire month, YHC ventured back out into The Gloom to try to regain some of that HIMness that I lost during my bout with what, I can only assume, was a military-grade strength strain of SARs that I picked up from my oldest and most precious 2.0’s Kindergarten class. Mouth full of Hall’s and heart full of hopes, we met in a dark parking lot, with mainly old (familiar) faces, but a fresh (20 year old..ugh) face that was apparently headlocked and wrangled by the wrath of Chunder. More about the FNG later…onto business….

Disclaimer: Solid, due to the presence of the FNG…gotta be responsible for the chil’rens.
Mosey to Founder’s Plaza

The First Bits:
(all in cadence)
Baccer Pickers
Don Quixotes
Mountain Climbers
Mosey to Hardees

Don’t let the smile fool you. This will not be fun

YHC had a theme for his first time back, and that theme revolved around the wonders, and abundance, of fast food close to our AO. What better way to thwart your desires for greasy, meaty, cheese-covered, burnt and crispy around the edges, mouth-wat…….*COUGH, ahem…I’m sorry……..this…this garbage that lines our streets in small-town America, than by sweating it out on their own turf? So with that in mind, we ran up to the drive thru menu…

Each PAX picks an item from the menu…whatever they want. I tell them I’m buying. (though my wallet’s back in the car, and they’re not open yet, I think?)
YHC came up with a legend that the PAX were unaware of. Each item had a themed workout for it. Think of it as the F3 Nation Card Deck of Pain, but with biscuits. Legend as follows:

Anything with beef: Merkins x15
Anything with chicken or eggs: Diamond Merkins x15
Anything with Pork: Peter Parkers x15
Any sides: Side Straddle Hops
Any beverage: Burpees x5

The orders went as followed:
HIPPA: Sausage and Egg Burrito (Peter Parkers and Diamond Merkins)
Yosef: Sausage biscuit (Peter Parkers)
Chunder: Frisco Breakfast Sandwich (uuugghhh….Peter Parkers)
FNG: Bacon, Egg and Cheese biscuit (these mountain boys and their pork…geez…Peter Parkers and Diamond Merkins)
Kodak: (trying to fit everything else in there, and since I’m “buying”, I upped it to a combo) A Frisco Burger combo with hashbrowns and a Coke for everyone! (Merkins, SSHs, Burpees)

With enough Hardees under our belts, and arriving employees staring at us, we Moseyed to our next stop. A cultural destination…The International House of Pancakes.

BEHOLD… Nannerpuss. (Click the pic to enjoy the reference.)

The ever-aware Chunder quickly informed us that there was no drive thru menu at iHop, which I quickly assured him that this was not lost on me. While there isn’t a menu at iHop, and there’s no ‘I’ in team, but there is in ‘iHop’, along with the word ‘Hop’…screw it. I’m lost. We’re gonna be doing every exercise with a hop in it, so there.

Jump Squats x20
Lap around the building
Apollo Anton Ono’s x20
Bonnie Blair’s x20
SSHs x20
Regroup and Mosey to MickeyD’s

Pennywise got NOTHING on this dude.

Bah-da-bop-buh-baaahhhh, We’re ab-in’ it!
Partner Up
Each PAX is responsible for doing 50 reps of each exercise:
Freddie Mercuries
American Hammers
Flutter Kicks
Mountain Climbers
Finally, everyone holds a boat pose for 63 seconds

Significance of reps being: each pair of PAX completed 500 reps, plus 63 seconds of Boats = 563
Number of calories in 1 Big Mac = 563

So, next time you want 2 all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun…just jump out of the drive thru line and do 500+ reps of ab shredding right there in the parking lot. Your body will love you for it. Your family and their embarrassment as horns honk loudly behind you in line?…Not so much.

Mosey back to Founder’s Plaza

Dips x15 (in cadence)
Derkins x15 civilian count
Dips x15 (in cadence)
Irkins x10 (civilian count)
American Hammer x50
Mosey back to AO Launch
Time called.

: None really of note, aside from SIGN UP TO LEAD A WORKOUT!
Do it right here:

Willy’s Way West (Monday):

Foxfire (Tuesday):

Musket (Wednesday):

Homestead (Saturday):

Prayer Requests:
YHC asks that you continue to remember my family after the passing of my grandfather, and my wife’s family after the passing of her uncle…both within a week of each other.
(Sidenote: We attended the wife’s uncle’s memorial service down in South Carolina on Monday. Surrounded by friends and family, a lot of whom I didn’t know, I look up in the crowd and see none other than DoubleD, an F3 brethren and APPARENTLY a longtime coworker of my wife’s aunt. We laughed, hugged, shared condolences and just couldn’t get over the small, small world we live in. A world full of great men helping and encouraging each other. This group is great, and it never ceases to amaze me.)

Ball of Man.


The moleskin today in describing this workout will be in .gif form, and one inspired by HIPAA during the workout, recalling this scene from Dodgeball:

In other words, exercise is great, but what we fuel ourselves with is just as important. I’m no nutritional saint by any stretch, but just take a moment during this next month (before Thanksgiving, that is…I’m no heartless dictator), to think about your diet, and “Is there some healthy alternative to this third Little Debbie Oatmeal Pie that I could eat instead?”

Now back to Will, our FNG who needs’ah namin’. Will’s young (younger-than-Chunder young), likes photography (Kodak is taken, thank you very much), and spent a lot of time in Boulder, Colorado. Hmmm…?
“Boulder” is too cool. “Pebbles” are smaller and less formidable. “Pebbles” is an adorable cartoon cavegirl…..EVERYONE MEET PEBBLES!
Pebbles showed great work out there, kept it positive, and didn’t question any of the pointless shenanigans that are a part of our “normal morning workouts”. Keep posting bro!
During the ever-important, and always-sacred naming ceremony, Chunder broke the circle and just jaunted off to his car. Oh well, rude… Turns out he had eyed a student desperately and slowly trying to scrape an iced over windshield, so Chunder ran to the rescue with an actual ice scraper and finished the job. High Impact Man indeed. It’s the little things. It’s ALWAYS the little things.

Pleasure to know you. Honored to occasionally lead you. Till next time…

““There is a difference between being a good man and being good at being a man.”


The Knob…IT LOOMS!: Backblast for Musket ~ 10-2-2019

Howard’s Knob…truly beautiful in the Fall!

AO: Musket
Conditions: 60 degrees F, crystal clear, constellations abound, 8/10 Al Rokers
PAX: Chunder, Yosef, Lassie, Lab Rat, HIPAA, NAFTA, Orphan, Kodak (Q)

With only a couple of days left in the wait for F3 Boone’s first ever CSAUP event, The Knob, YHC found it only proper to help these boys condition a little and familiarize them with some rapid change in elevation. I rolled into the parking lot of Musket this morning, thinking that some sort of “FREE BEER” sign had been placed alongside the highway, and an eager group of hooligans were awaiting their swill. Turns out, it was quite the opposite: a group of HIMs, ready to get it on in The Gloom, coaxed in by a ShovelFlag, waving proudly in the streetlight. So be it.

Disclaimer: Surrounded by veterans, I still gave the legal rundown well enough to combat anything an appellant court could throw at me.
Paperwork out of the way…we moseyed.

The First Bits:
Mosey to Founders Plaza
(all in cadence)
Hillbillies x10
Don Quixotes x10
Arm Circles forward x20 (due to HIPAA’s complaints/complements(?) around
rep 9)
Air Presses x20
Arm Circles backward x21 (extra rep for psychological warfare upon the aforementioned HIPAA)
Mosey to Convocation Center

3 sets of stairs – 2 landings per side
SSHs x20 at the bottom
Quick steps up stairs
Low Slow Squats x2 per landing
SSHs x40 at the top
Repeat descending stairs
Repeato each staircase
Plank it up once done

Series of Planks
R arm high
L arm high
R arm out, L leg out
Perform Plank Crunch (aka “Jane Fonda” courtesy of Lassie) x5
L arm out, R leg out
Perform Jane Fonda x5
Mosey to the base of Hill (hell) St.

Perform the Kodak Solo (aka Hill Street Blues)
Run to the parking lot up top
Perform the following:
Jump squats x10
Crossfit Merkins x15
LBCs x30
Run back down
Run up hill backward
Flip reps:
LBCs x10
Crossfit Merkins x15
Jump Squats x30
Run down
Mosey to Varsity Parking Lot

YHC had trouble filling the time of the hour-long Homestead last weekend. Back to life, back to reality…Now YHC has a Weinke WAY too long for Musket this week. (You’re welcome, ladies). So I had to cut’er short. Managing our distance from home, and working in a pain station or 2…gotta call an audible. So…

Preemptive Mary:
all in cadence
LBCs x15
Freddie Mercuries x15
American Hammers x20
Heels to Heaven x15
Mosey to Pink Floyd

Artist rendering of YHC

Groans began as soon as we topped the stairs…yadda yadda yadda. You don’t have to do lungewalks. You’re welcome. Thank the ticking clock. Anyway…

Partner up
P1 performs Box Jumps on the wall
P2 runs to end of the wall, does 3 burpees, returns
Failure to Launch (1 round): Hold Al Gore as one PAX counts to 5, then thrust upward into a jump tuck, landing back into Al Gore. Repeat around the circle till everyone’s had a chance to lord over the count. (Got pretty snappy counts toward the end.)
Mosey back to AO

Time called.


F3 Boone Schedule UPDATE

The Knob is going down THIS Saturday, October 5th. You have until 12pm midnight on Oct. 2nd (roughly 1 hr and 15 mins from me typing this) to pre-register online. (You can still register Saturday morning before 7:30am)
Full details here:

The day of The Knob, hang around for the festivities in town afterward, including F3 Boone’s very own Yosef, who will be sawing a hot fiddle with Amantha Mill on the porch of the Jones House at 12:15!

Prayer Requests:

Remember a friend of Yosef’s who’s currently undergoing testing for cancer.

Chunder requests prayer for the wife of a friend currently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Remember YHC’s grandfather and father-in-law, both coming off of surgeries and facing more.

Ball of Man.



So, the method of my madness this morning was a lot of running, continued cardio, and increased elevation to really get folks into the mindset of The Knob. Chunder’s magical watch went off, letting him know that we went just a little over 2 miles this morning (my watch tells me the time, and that’s all) which happens to be the length of The Knob run itself. So… I TOTALLY planned that all along. *wink*
It was great to have Orphan with us visiting from Carpex today. He had some great twitter interaction before and after visiting us today, so it was good for a little digital smack talk, leading into physical camaraderie. Great work, brother. We’ll have you up anytime!
Everyone threw in their sweat, their sass (HIPAA…looking at you), and their soul to the Gloom this morning…and it was appreciated.

As always, it’s a pleasure to work alongside you, and an honor to lead.
Until next time.


““The Strength of a man’s virtue should not be measured by his special exertions but by his habitual acts.”

-Blaise Pascal

The LONGEST Hour: Backblast for Homestead ~ 9-28-2019

PICTURED: Actual men who, in fact, did not post that day.

Mood Tune: Forever by KISS

AO: Homestead
Conditions: 60 degrees F, light haze, good Gloom, 7/10 Al Rokers
PAX: Breaker Breaker, Peeping Tom, Velma, Zippy, Wildcat, Kodak (Q) = 6

YHC had the Homestead Q to his lonesome for the first time ever, so I sat down and planned out a stream of fun torture activities for any HIMs willing to show up. Little did they, nor I, know that improvisation would rule the day in the end. You see…YHC is used to Q’ing Musket, Foxfire, Willy’s Way…all great AOs in their own right, and all of them consisting of 45 minutes. Homestead, the O.G., the mack daddy, the flag ship is a SOLID hour of sweating betterment…I just didn’t realize HOW solid of an hour it was. So let’s just hop into it, shall we?

The First Bits:

Baccer Pickers
Arm circles forward (hold)
Air presses (hold)
Arm circles backward
Mtn climbers
Mosey to straightaway


At each tree do a burpee then 1 jumpsquat
Next tree, 2 jump squats, next tree, 3 jumpsquats, etc.

Ascend to 10 jumpsquats then descend
(ended back at 3 jumpsquats)
Mosey to State Farm Lot

Partner up
One runs suicide with first 2 poles
Other does CrossFit Merkins
Repeato but with LBCs
Mosey to stairs

P1 bunny hops stairs, 2 burpees
P2 Freddie Mercuries
Repeato but with 4 burpees up top
Mosey to Mt Nickleback

There it was, just standing there. Looking down upon the weak.

It was around this point when YHC checked his watch to see that only 20 DAMNED MINUTES HAD PASSED?! 3 Pain Stations, 2 of which had Repeatos, and only 20 minutes in!? Oh well, Mt Nickleback always separates the men from the boys, and chews up the clock more than a Dean Smith 4 Corners strategy. And I’m talking pre-shot clock era Dean Smith, too.

Run to switchback 1 for 10 SSHs
Run to switch 2 for 10 Shoulder Taps

Run to switch 3 for 20 SSHs
Run to top for 20 shoulder taps
Run back down, same exercises but with 30reps & 40reps

All men accounted for back at the bottom, YHC checks watch once more…11 minutes have passed. I guess I’m dealing with the HIMmiest of HIMs today because everyone is smoking everything I’m throwing at them and asking for more. With only Mary left on my Weinke, it was time for some Seat-Of-The-Pants action, which normally means one thing…

Rock Pile (grab a rock of your choosing)
Do an exercise, drop it, then rotate to the right each exercise
Curls x15 in cadence
Shoulder press x15 in cadence
Tricep x15 in cadence
Bent over row x15 in cadence
Bench press x15 in cadence
Goblet squat x15 (civilian count)
American Hammers x20 (psychological warfare)
in cadence
Drop your rock and…

Partner up for Catch Me If You Can
P1 Runs backward
P2 does 5 Apollo Anton Ono’s then chases P1
When he catches, switch roles
Repeato, but with 5 Bonnie Blairs
Mosey to State Farm Lot

Alright, things are looking pretty good, 10 minutes left, we can get through this with a little Mary, and some trotting back to AO. YHC’s got this…


Heels to Heaven
Flutter kicks
Series of Planks (L arm high, R arm high, L arm out R arm out, then 5 plank crunches, repeato other side)
Indian Run back to home base

That’s it guys! We made it! Great work everybody, looks like we’ve only got5moreminutesleftOHMYGODGOGRABSOMEBENCHIGUESS!?

All in cadence
Incline Merkins
Diamond Merkins

Time called (thank GOD!)

The Knob is this coming up this Saturday. Online registration is cut off Oct. 2nd…so GET ON IT!


The new F3 BOONE schedule is up. Check it out. Post. Bring an FNG. Get better.

Prayer requests:
Breaker Breaker requested prayers for the health conditions of several family members.
Kodak requested continued prayers for his father-in-law recovering from surgery.

Ball of Man.


Everyone did great work as always. No matter how much I threw at them (planned or improvised), they just kept coming back for more. Good to see that Breaker Breaker and Peeping Tom (our “Gameday Crew”) could be regulars throughout the pigskin season. (Please note Peeping Tom sighting below….he’s not the only peeping Tom it turns out.)

Front and center: You can always tell an F3 Man.

Always a pleasure to hang out with you guys, and an honor to lead.
Until next time, my dudes.


“If unwilling to rise in the morning, say to thyself, ‘I awake to do the work of a man.’”

– Marcus Aurelius

Cinco de GUYo: Backblast for Foxfire ~ 9-17/19

PICTURED: Chunder, tooting his own horn.

Mood Tune: Hotel California by The Gypsy Kings

AO: Foxfire
Conditions: 60 degF, clear with a CRAZY moon, slight breeze, 9/10 Al Rokers
PAX: Chunder, Shake’N Bake, Lab Rat, Zippy, Kodak (Q) = 5

Disclaimer: Brief, ironclad

First bits:
Mosey to paved lot
SSHs x20 in cadence
Hillbillies x15 in cadence
Mtn Climbers x15 in cadence HOLD
Merkins x10 in Chunder count

(YHC called “civilian” count “down count” to keep everyone informed of what I would say. Chunder got sassy (shocker) and tried to correct YHC. So, “I SAY ‘CHUNDER’, YOU SAY ‘ONE!’ …CHUNDER!…ONE! CHUNDER!… TWO!… and so on. He loved it, unfortunately)
Mosey to SmallBall (little ball park, big cement stands)

Partner up (odd number, so YHC fell in where I could)
P1 does dips on bottom step
P2 box jumps the big steps to the top, runs length of stands up top, back down
Repeato, but exercise changes to Incline Merkins
Mosey to Maroon 5
(new name for (adam) Levine Hall)

Friends don’t let friends get bad ink.

4 corners around grassy median
C1 Plank jacks x10
C2 Jump squats x10
C3 Peter Parkers x10
C4 Shoulder taps x10
Repeato twice, going x20 on Round 2, x30 on Round 3
Mosey to Hospital Parking Deck
(don’t worry, everyone was fine)

3 Levels, 3 exercises…ZERO RAMPS?! (apparently, we found a deck with no slopes. Da Fah? Stairs utilized instead.)
Level 1: LBCs x25
Run Level 1 lap, run up stairs to L2
L2: American Hammers x25
Run L2 lap, run up stairs to L3
L3: Freddie Mercuries x25
Repeato from top to bottom, except, sprint downbacks (no lap) and double all reps = x50, x50, x50

Mosey back to Maroon 5

1 PAX runs lap around the front sidewalk while others perform exercise. Runner calls out next exercise when he returns.
American Hammers
Heels to Heaven
Mosey back to AO

Pretty much what any passerby saw…

Reach MLK Dr. for a series of runs:
Backward Run
Backward High Knees
Backward Butt Kickers
Carioca Left
Carioca Right
Time called.

Instead, many PAX will be involved with the BR Conservancy Run, join them:

The Knob is upcoming. Join it as well:

The IronPAX challenge continues, so continue to check SLACK for the last-minute updates that come with that.

Keep an eye on weekly emails for the upcoming workout schedules that will affect the here-on-out. Discuss amongst yourself whether you agree/disagree and make your voice heard.

Prayer requests:
Chunder has a coworker who’s daughter had a terrible leg injury. Remember that family.
Zippy and boy scouts are traveling for a camp trip. Lord, provide them safe travel.
Please remember YHC’s grandfather and father-in-law. The former just got out of an American hospital, and the latter is currently abroad in a Spanish hospital.
And finally, Shake’N’Bake declared that “Jesus is good.”
Aye aye, brother.

Ball of Man.


-Good work by all. Hardly any 6 to wait on, and when there was, Chunder and others scooped them up without pause. Iron Sharpens Iron.

-A dog somewhere FAR in the distance would not stop calling out as we inhabited the parking deck. This wild animal obviously got a snout full’o HIM and felt threatened…as he should.

-We experienced our first “Stank’N Bake”. Post sometime in the future to find out for yourself.

Always great to wake and make yourself better with guys who are there to do the same.
Till next time, gents…


“There is one rule, above all others, for a man. Whatever comes, face it on your feet.”

– Robert Jordan

Oooo! This Looks Nice! Pull In Here!: A Bed’n’Breakfast Tour ~ Willy’s Way Backblast 9-6-19

How charming, dear!

YHC Special Note: (Injuries and being generally bummed out due to them have made me slip physically and mentally. I’ve NEVER lapsed even a day in posting my backblasts, but here we are, and I apologize sincerely. Please accept this custom mood tune as a make-up. No…I didn’t choose this song JUST because of its title and relation to my tardiness. No…this song kicks legitimate a$$ and is one of my favorites. So please, my constant readers, take this token as a peace offering, and turn it up!)

Mood Tune: “It’s Late” by Queen

AO: Willy’s Way
Conditions: 57 degrees F, clear, dark, crisp, 9/10 Rokers
PAX: Zippy, Guppy (DR), Kodak (Q) = 3

YHC had been out of commission for a few workouts due to a neck/shoulder issue. I know this was a result of Y.H.C. going H.A.M. (older PAX can Google that) on the Merkin-Fest that was Chunder’s previous Homestead workout. But, a quick trip to the chiropractor, a couple’s days rest, I’d be fresh as a daisy for a Q. Several dudes were at an impromptu IronPAX tuneup elsewhere, and I wasn’t sure who would show up to Willy’s, but I wanted to stay the course just in case some overzealous vacationer just had to get their Gloom on. Sho nuff, after a Zippy appearance, here comes a hot U-turn from a Dad-Wagon, luggage-roof-container-and-all, into The Trout’s parking lot. Out emerges Guppy, a Savannah PAX that came to the High Ground with his family to escape the potential effects of Hurricane Dorian. Niceties and greetings were exchanged, and time was upon us.

Disclaimer: Given with the hardness of a 50 year old mountain hickory.

The First Bits:
All in cadence
SSHs x20
Hillbillies x15
Mountain Climbers x15
Peter Parkers x10

Mosey to Main St.
2 PAX hit their 6 and get in the Boat formation and hold it while the lone PAX runs to the nearest power pole for 5 Jump Squats.
Returns for a round of 5 Merkins for all.
Next 2 PAX resume Boats.
Next PAX runs past 1st power pole to the farther away 2nd one for 5 Jump Squats, etc
Repeat till each PAX has run.

Part 2: Bed ‘N Beatdown
Blowing Rock is known for its charming shops, great cuisine, and stellar mountain appeal. So, naturally, folks need a place to stay while enjoying all of this. That’s why you can’t throw a rock in downtown BR without hitting a cabin, lodge, inn, villa, b ‘n b, etc. So, for the next time Guppy and Fam are in town, we wanted to make sure they were aware of their options.

From Main St., run downhill to the parking lot of nearest lodging. In said parking lot, perform this circuit of exercises:
Merkins x5
Jump Squats x10
LBCs x20
(This street had 5 lodging options)

Reset at the bottom of the street with some plank variations, and let’s head back up for a second look…

Run back uphill to the haunts we just visited, different circuits this time:
Plank Jacks x5
Low Slow Squat x10
Freddie Mercury x20
(5 again)
Mosey to Gazebo

Once it hits your lips, it’s so good!

All in cadence
(This is where YHC and his thought-to-be-gone injuries started drinking that Q juice pretty hard)
Dips x20
Derkins x15
Incline Merkins x10
Mosey to tennis courts

4 corners
LBCs x20
Bearcrawl across 2 courts
Monkey humpers x10
Lunge Walk the length
LBCs x20
Monkey humpers x10

Flutterkicks x15
Hold feet 6 inches
American Hammer x20
Mosey to AO

Time Called

Regular Joe’s Bible Study, Alliance Bible Fellowship, Monday nights at 6pm.
Sign up for The Knob for our first CSAUP event.

Prayer Requests:
Remember all those affected by Hurricane Dorian.
Safe return/travels for Guppy and Family.
Remember the friend of YHC who’s currently caring for his ailing father in Georgia.

Ball of Man.


Another great morning in The Gloom. Low in number, but high in spirits. Our guys going through the IronPAX Challenge are doing some cuh-RAZY work and it’s only the beginning. Keep encouraging them anytime you can. YHC is back on the mend with my ailments, but wants to try to start tackling conditioning for The Knob run coming up. I’ll be hitting up slack to invite you guys for some impromptu runs here and there in the next couple weeks.

A pleasure to sweat, an honor to lead.
Later gents.


“I walk slowly, but I never walk backward.”

– Abraham Lincoln