Stacking the DECK: Backblast for Musket ~ 8-21-19

Mood Tune: The Gambler by Kenny Rogers

AO: Musket
Conditions: 57 F, clear, refreshing, hint of Fall(?), 8/10 Al Rokers
PAX: Chunder, Armor, HIPAA, Wildcat, Pork Rind, Lassie, Kodak (Q) = 7

Late August is full-swing in Boonetown, which means Autumn is on the horizon, pumpkin is popping up in lattes and beer everywhere, 2.0s are back on the bus, and college kids are lying in their fartsacks, towering above the MUSKET parking lot below where HIMs are getting even HIM-mier. We had a nice round total of 6 right before the buzzer this morning, which thoroughly pleased YHC. I always like to incorporate partner work in my workouts because, let’s face it, 2 strips of #Bacon are better than 1. Anyway, after announcing this to the PAX, Lassie said, “Well, kiss that even number goodbye…’cause HERE COMES WILDCAT!…”

Wildcat: Coming in hot!

Wildcat greeted the crowd, looking fresh as a daisy due to those 2 extra minutes he squoze out of the fartsack. And with a begrudging eyeroll and asymmetrical group of PAX, YHC got the ball rolling…

Disclaimer: Begrudging (still fuming at Wildcat), short, legally-open to interpretation. Cut short with a cry of “MOSEY!”

The First Bits:
Mosey to the Dark Crystal
(all in cadence)
SSHs x20
Hillbillies x10
Baccer Pickers x15
Breakdancers x10
Swimmers x15

A lot of mumblechatter in today’s on-goings. During our Baccer Pickers, Armor decided to declare that this, in no way, simulated picking tobacco…not only stripping any fun semblance of the term, but also, being completely and utterly incorrect. Let the ladies and gentlemen of the jury decide for themselves. I give you Exhibits A, B, and C…

Mosey to ROCK Garden

Find 2 sizeable stones that can be palmed in the hand
21 GUN SALUTE (all in cadence)
Alternating Curls x21
Shoulder Presses x21
Flys (brutal) x21

Chuck rocks
Mosey to Schaefer

Partner up (YHC volunteered the odd man out position and fell in for a trio…dammit, Wildcat.)
Partner 1 does Freddie Mercuries while
Partner 2 runs the cul-de-sac
Perform 5 Partner Merkins
(B-Slap Merkins according to Armor (he’s got some sorta thing with names this morning?))
Mosey to God’s Gift

Any of you Twitter-savvy PAX out there (all 3 of you) might’ve seen a rather optimistic, as well as cryptic message last night..

You know?…from the internet.

What I was referring to laid in wait for us just around the corner: A shiny, brand spankin’ new 4-level playground of pain that just so happens to be in the shape of a PARKING DECK!

It’s ….it’s GLORIOUS!

After we cut the ribbon, the workout commenced.
ReguLAR Run the gentle slopes
Backward Run the harsh ramps all the way to the top
Once up top, circle the deck roof stopping at 6 pain stations where you do Burpees in ascending reps (1 at 1, 2 at 2, 3 at 3, so on)
Only to flip the script and do the reverse in descending Burpees back to 1.

Mosey back toward the Great Wall of Whina (the wall formerly known as Pink Floyd)

YHC got GREAT pleasure this morning out of twice bringing the PAX to an uncomfortable proximity to their biggest fear at Musket…The Great Wall of Whina. This is where everyone weeps and complains as some sort of Lunge Walk Beatdown is inflicted upon them, only to have it Repeato’ed at least once.
As we would get closer and closer, I could hear the mumbles behind me (some, outright threats), only to have them transformed into cheers as I’d turn the group away from it last-second. Anyway, there’s a long, steep staircase…let’s use that for legs instead, you babies…

Partner up (…dammit, Wildcat)
Partner 1 grabs some wall and performs the People’s Chair
Partner 2 runs up the stairs and performs Jump Squats x10, races back down
Mosey to Anne Belk

Running low on time, we did all in hyper-drive cadence
Flutterkicks x15
LBCs x20
American Hammers x20
Mosey to AO

Time Called.

2ndF is now O-FISH-ally dead. Once fall schedules and routines are established, we shall revisit what can happen that could involve the most people. (OF COURSE, Armor’s available for his first 2ndF ever this week. Such a shame.)

Thursdays (off-days) are probably gonna start ramping up on a volunteer basis, as some chatter is happening, considering conditioning for The Knob coming up in October. It’s all about elevation, so we’ll probably start using Thursdays to push ourselves on some crazy, mountainous runs. Stay tuned to Slack for updates…or hell…post a suggestion yourself and make it happen Cap’n!

Keep spreading the word about FiA Boone trying to get started up. Send any hopefuls to Jorine Olson here:

Prayer Requests:
Remember Pork Rind as he will be downrange for the better part of 5 months for work. Pray for his safety and for his family in his absence.

Remember all our students (big and small) headed back to school this week and grant them a great school year.

Ball of Man


Some take aways:
– A Not-To-Be-Named PAX asked Wildcat if he made it over to the Eiffel Tower during his Italian vacation. (Let that set in.)

-Pork Rind, brother…you’ve only been posting with us for a short time, but your dedication and hustle are completely undeniable. Best of luck on this long time downrange, post some other places if you get the chance, be careful, and keep crushin’!

-And finally…….Dammit, Wildcat!…

You know the drill: It’s a pleasure to be a part of you, and an honor to lead. Till next time, gentlemen…

“No man is more unhappy than he who never faces adversity. For he is not permitted to prove himself.”



ARENA ROCK!!!: Backblast for MUSKET ~ 8-14-19

Pictured: Family photo from Wildcat’s Italian vacation.

Mood Tune: HOT For Teacher – Van Halen

AO: Musket
Conditions: 67 F, sticky, could cut air, 5/10 Al Rokers
PAX: Shake’N’Bake, Wildcat, Chunder, Lassie, Kodak (Q) = 5

YHC rolls into Musket, dragging just a touch mentally…as did most of the PAX. Some potential fart-sacking was mentioned, but these (after all) are nothing but High Impact Men we’re dealing with here, so that was brushed aside. I guess it was the unseasonably warm, humid weather for our area this time of year. I don’t see how those NC and SC flatland boys do it day in and day out, but pretty much anything over 65 degrees…you can keep it. I mean, we live in the mountains for a reason. God normally loves us.
Anywho, Wildcat was back, fresh off his family vacation to Italy, so it was good to see him once again, however, the group was none too thrilled to find that he came bearing no pasta…no fine sauces…and not ONE Testarossa! Dejected and souvenirless, we circled up and fell silent.

Disclaimer: To be honest…half-a$$ed. Modifications were discussed, but we were lacking in the enthusiasm/legal department this morning. Whatves…

First Bits
All in cadence
Hillbillies x10
Don Quixotes x10
‘Baccer Pickers or Pickin’ Backers x10
(Every region has their name. Cotton Pickers, Tappy Taps, Cherry Pickers… this is now ours. Learn it. Live it. Lexicon it.)
Stump Jumpers x10
Mountain Climbers x15
Mosey to Holmes Convocation Center


I give you, Musket Coliseum. Where warriors do BATTLE! Well…Burpees.

The George M. Holmes Convocation Center: home to Appalachian State basketball, volleyball, graduation, the occasional funny-smelling Dave Matthews concert, and now…new torture station for the gladiators of F3 Boone. You’ll see that huge set of double-sided stairs in the pic above. There are 3 sets of those bad boys spread out around the building. Exercises went as follows:
Stairs 1
Run up, Jump Squats x10
Run down, LBCs x20
Run to next stairs
Stairs 2
Run up, Bearcrawl
Run down, LBCs x20
Run to next stairs

Stairs 3
Run up, Carolina Dry Docks x10
Run down, LBCs x20

Repeato…and with double reps top and bottom
Mosey to tennis courts

Figure 1A: There WILL be a test at the end.

Musket contains a posh tennis park with 5 courts side-by-side. Without a racquet in sight, but plenty of balls, we decided to serve up some pain.
Operating across the width of all 5 courts, start on the first line and lungewalk to the corresponding line on the next court. Wildcat informed us, quite definitively, I might add, that this was called the “doubles sideline”. YHC captured some video of his not-snobby-at-all explanation below…

Lungewalk to each near DOUBLES SIDELINE (5 of em)
Drop for Merkins x10 and Freddie Mercuries x20
Suicides back to those same lines

Mosey to Dark Crystal

Find some wall, grab hold of it
Dips x15 in cadence
Burpees x10 on your own
Mosey back to AO

Flutterkicks x15
Heels to Heaven x15
Protractor (with a brutal Chunder 10-count at 6 inches)
Freccie Murderies
(how I said it at the time) x20
American Hammer x20
Time called.

2nd F opportunity this Friday, Aug 16th at 5pm – Appalachian Mountain Brewery

FiA is trying to blast its way into Boone Town. Let’s help these ladies get toward the same sense of betterment and community that we enjoy each week. Send any interested lady that you know Jorine’s information to try to get Fia BOONE off the ground…

Prayer Requests:

Ball of Man


Each man got better. Iron Sharpens Iron. Aye.
It’s a pleasure to sweat with you guys, and an honor to lead.
Until next time, gentlemen.


“I mean to make myself a man, and if I succeed in that, I shall succeed in everything else.”

James A. Garfield

A Tale of Three QICs ~ BackBlast for Willy’s Way ~ 8-9-19

AO: Willy’s Way
Conditions: Low 60s, almost balmy, 6/10 Al Rokers
PAX: Little Timmy, Pork Rind, Armor (Co-Q), Chunder (Co-Q), Kodak (Co-Q), Bunyan (FNG), Munson (FNG) = 7

Mood Tune: The Ballad of the Three Amigos

Cant decide on 1 Q?…Get 3. (I’m the tall one)

As Chunder and I were enjoying some much needed 2ndF and some most delicious F3 Shovel Flag Lager at The Trout Thursday night, we thought to ourselves, “Armor’s out of town…so who’s got the Q tomorrow?” We started to formulate a plan for a co-Q when the Kodak Phone leapt to life. After some some previous texting, Armor was in fact blazing up the mountain (in some environmentally-friendly, low-emissions vehicle from his arsenal, no doubt) and said that he’d jump in that action as well. Each Q would have 15 minutes.

3 Qs…

Too many cooks? Or just so crazy it might work? Regardless, we were gonna unleash some sort of hell, either organized or a hot mess, on top of some PAX whether they wanted it or not.
I was really stoked to roll into the lot this morning and see some of the F3 Boone familiar faces, the becoming-familiar face of Pork Rind, and then 2 completely unfamiliar FNG faces. Welcome aboard boys…it might get weird.

So join us, if you will, in this tale of 3 men freed to lead in a sleepy mountain town. Will there be adventure? Will there be triumph or certain doom? …..Romance, perchance?…
You’ll just have to read along in this sure-to-be new classic:

Disclaimer: (Given by Armor): Forceful, factual, funny


Chapter 1
Down on Main Street
(Armor’s Q)

Armor surprised us all and skipped the usual Side Straddle Hops and immediately started a high-paced Mosey to the opposite end of Main St. Once there, the plan was laid out:
Run back the way we came, stopping at each power pole.
1 Burpee at the first
1 JumpSquat at the second
2 Burpees at the next
2 Burpees at the next
So on and so forth till you’re back at The Trout
(Final set was 8 Burpees)
LBCs till The 6 comes in
Then, of course, SSHs x25 in cadence
Mosey to Gazebo
and pass the torch

Chapter 2
Farewell to Arms
(Kodak’s Q)

Our 2 FNGs picked an interesting time to post. It just so happened to be the final day of the “19 for 19 Challenge”. Which means it is the worst toughest day of the challenge. YHC has always found an interesting way to slide the challenge Merkins into his workouts…but I only had 15 minutes today, so it was just shut up, buckle down and get to Merkinin’!
(Each exercise is performed together, on your own count. SSH until everyone finishes the set. Onto the next one together)
Merkins x19
Incline Merkins x19
Derkins x19
Diamond Merkins x19
Merkin Jacks x19
Walking Merkins x19
*BONUS* Double Merkin Jacks x19

Chunder and his beastmode enthusiasm seemed to be relatively unphased by the Brutal Merkinfest that just went down, so he yelled “MOSEY” and the torch was his…

Yes…that IS Chunder’s real hair.

Chapter 3
And the Wind Cried “Mary”
(Chunder’s Q)

Chunder decided that the only way to spend the final 15 minutes of our beatdown was to invite over our old friend Mary. I think we can officially name this torture set “The Chunder”, seeing as it’s becoming a go-to for him, and you can literally see him dancing with giddy anticipation as soon as you hit your six. It goes as follows:
(all in cadence)
American Hammer x30
Dolly x30
Flutter Kick x30
LBC x30
Repeat all twice, descending in reps (x20, then x10)

Somehow, that DIDN’T fill up 15 minutes, so we partnered up…
Partner 1 Dips repeatedly
Partner 2 runs to playground, performs 5 Pullups, runs back
Mosey back AO
Time called

None really of note. Same ole same ole.

Sign up to Q HERE.

Come out and drink here:
Appalachian Mountain Brewery – Friday Aug 16th at 5pm

Prayer Requests:
Continue to remember the Greer family.
Continue to remember an Armor colleague who lost his wife recently.
Remember Pork Rind’s mother, Sandra, who is in poor health in Winston.
Remember the men and women of our military and service folks.

Ball of Man.


Well, we didn’t TOTALLY screw it up! As a matter of fact, it was quite the smokeshow. Pork Rind thought we were cool enough that he’d come post for his 2nd time, and it proved to be A HECK of a first workout for our 2 newbies.
Here’s how the naming went down:

Tom Henry is FNG’s birthname – Sounds like John Henry – “Hammer” would be too cool – other tall tales discussed – Paul Bunyan – BUNYAN (it will be constantly mistaken for “Bunion”…so SCORE!)

FNG#2 is from Pennsylvania originally – Amish – Buggy – Brother Hezekiah (Armor’s KingPin reference, and too long) – MUNSON it is!

We’re getting really good at this naming thing…

Sidenote: I suggest anyone that reads these blasts regularly watch “Kingpin” starring Woody Harrelson and Randy Quaid. This is the 3rd or 4th consecutive workout that Armor has referenced this movie, so if you want to understand some random-a$$ references and quotes and names, you might wanna pick it up.

As always, it’s a pleasure to participate, and an honor to lead. Get better every day, gentlemen!


“The strong manly ones in life are those who understand the meaning of the word patience.”

Tokugawa Ieyasu

RIDE THE SNAKE!: And Other Blunders ~ BackBlast for MUSKET ~ 8-7-19

HIPAA’s really let himself go.

If you don’t get the reference to the title or gif, do yourself a favor and watch “Jimmy Tango’s Fat Busters” skit.

Mood Tune: Copperhead Road

AO: Musket, 5:15am
Conditions: 57 degrees F, fog in the valley, clear on the mountain, 8/10 Al Rokers
PAX: Armor, Chunder, Zippy, HIPAA, Zippy, Shake’N’Bake, Pork Rind (FNG), Kodak (Q) = 8

YHC rolled into Musket 10 minutes early this morning, only to find what would be our entire group of PAX there and ready to rock. When you’re 10 minutes early and you’re the late one, that means you’re staring at a ragtag group of go-getters that’s ready for anything to be thrown at them. And not only do they seem like a group that would enjoy it and thank me for it…they might even ask for second helpings. We had an FNG in our midst, so we wanted to welcome him and break him in right…which means hills, lunge walks, and enough Merkins to make R. Lee Ermey hot and bothered.

Disclaimer: If there had been a light switch handy, I would have flicked it on and off in rapid succession, elementary-school-lunchroom-style, to hush the mumblechatter. So that the FNG would not seek legal action, the disclaimer was thorough, legally-binding, and I paid a stenographer out-of-pocket to be present and document it. Try all you want, guy, …I’m ironclad.

The First Bits:
Hillbillies x10 in cadence
Don Quixotes x10 in cadence
Cotton Pickers x10 in cadence
Merkins x10 in civilian count, HOLD
Mountain Climbers x15 in cadence, HOLD
Merkins x9 in civilian count

Mosey to Library Parking Deck

To help in our fulfillment of the “19 for 19 Challenge”, there were some Merkins that needed doing, and what better place than a well-lit, full-of-ramps parking deck? I made the MISTAKE of trying to give power to the people of F3, and let them vote how the next part of the beatdown would go down. It’s an error I will never make again. If you don’t rule these guys with an iron fist of justice, they’ll implode and start eating each other within the hour. Chalk it up to lessons learned:

Aaaannnnnyway…to keep a long story of who-done-what short, you had to complete this before you left the parking deck:
Walking Merkins x19
Run up to 2nd Level
Merkin Jacks x19
Run up to 3rd Level
Diamond Merkins x19

Mosey to Peacock Hall

Partner up for some station work:
The 4 Stations:
– Clean and Presses with a 20 lbs dumbbell
– Squats
– Run to top of the hill, 3 Burpees, return to next station.

The runners set the pace while everyone else does their station’s exercise till runners return. Each group does each station once.
Incline Merkins x19 on your own
Derkins x19 on your own
(Thus fulfilling today’s “19 for 19 Challenge”…good work guys. Arms properly smoked.)

Mosey to Geek Squad

As soon as we pulled into view of that rock wall, they knew what was coming, and knew it was too late to turn back.

Isn’t she lovely?

Split into 2 groups of 4
Group 1 Lunge Walks to the end of The Wall (thinking of naming her Pink Floyd?), then Jailbreak back.
Group 2 is doing Step-Ups till Group 1 returns.
BlackSnake back to AO

This is where things really came unglued. For those not in the know, BlackSnake is an Indian Run, however, the man in back has to weave in and out of everyone to claim the lead, and repeat on down the line. Apparently, while the PAX of F3 Boone are strong HIMs (no question), we’re not the most agile. There are no finesse players on this team…just a bunch of Laimbeer’s throwing ‘bows and complaining the whole time. Needless to say, our steady stream of PAX turned into this pretty quickly…

Yeah…we chose “DIE”.

So once the front group that was now its own BlackSnake found some wall, we Dipped it up x15 in cadence till The 6 got in. Zippy was in absolute awe of the perfect running pace set by the BlackSnake as it took off and split up, and he let us all know his appreciation as he arrived at Dip-a-palooza with some words of encouragement, uttered through sparse breath and a down turned brow.

Indian Run (we learned our lesson) back to AO

Peter Parkers x10 in cadence HOLD
Parker Peters x10 in cadence HOLD
Breakdancers x10 in modified cadence
Freddie Mercuries x25 in cadence

Time called.


We re-enforced the fact that the Thursday workout at AO AppalCART is no more. Full schedule is here updated on the website, just in case you need it.

There was a sidebar conversation as the PAX dispersed today talking about possibly using Thursdays as an “extra credit” opportunity. It’d be a good day to still meet and do one of several things…(practice for The Knob, travel down to Lenoir and join up with an AO there, etc.). So keep that in mind and chat it out on Slack, twitter, email, etc.

2ndF opportunities for August are as follows:
Thursday, August 8th at 6pm – The Speckled Trout
Friday, August 16th at 5pm – Appalachian Mountain Brewery
Friday, August 22nd at 6p – The Speckled Trout

Come out, have fun, and bring an FNG. Trick ’em with beer, sway them into a HC, then make them wish they’d never met us. Don’t worry…they’ll be back.

Prayer Requests:
The Greer Family still needs your prayers as a battle with cancer could lead to some pretty serious surgery this week.

Pork Rind brought up the ever-present, ever-needed request for prayer for our country. (Don’t ever take it for granted)

Ball of Man.


What did YHC learn this morning?
1) NEVER give the PAX a choice in anything. Show up and be Kim Jong-un for 45 minutes, pray and go home happy.

2) There are no ballerinas in F3 Boone, only bulldozers. It’ll be a while before the BlackSnake rears its ugly head in our direction again. Too much pace control and agility are required. (However, everyone seemed to nail the Breakdancers for the most part, but hated them all the same. Again…Kim Jong and bounce).

3) Chunder was surprisingly more quiet than usual this morning. (At least, the top half of Chunder was more quiet). I also found out that, while not having been RAISED in a barn, Chunder does CURRENTLY live in one. Well…it’s a house, but it’s a house that’s housed within a barn. It’s complicated. HIPAA can provide detailed photo intel, and Chunder and Armor can try to explain it to you, if you’re interested.

4) FNG is from Georgia originally, currently resides in West Jefferson. He’s an Army veteran that loves all things outdoors and found out about F3 through the High Country Cool Down 5k/10k from this past week. (Great job representing, guys!) When naming time came around, we gave the “Oh, there are 2 kinds of names: bad and worse” spiel, to which he replied, “Go ahead…I’ve got thick skin.”
Welcome aboard brother! Keep posting, and great work this morning.

As always gentlemen, it’s a pleasure to sweat it out with you guys, and an honor to lead.

“Kill the snake of doubt in your soul, crush the worms of fear in your heart and mountains will move out of your way.”

Kate Seredy

Secondary applicable/topical quote:

“The snake ALWAYS bites back.”

Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Hill Street Blues: Part Deux; a.k.a “Kodak’s Revenge” ~ Musket BackBlast for 7-31-19

Mood Tune: Peaches and Herb “Reunited (And It Feels So Good)”

AO: Musket
Conditions: 61 degrees, clear, mountain magical
PAX: HIPAA, Chunder, NAFTA, Wildcat, Kodak (Q) = 5

YHC rounded the corner, almost to Musket, with squinting eyes and gritted teeth…pleading with the Lord above that there wouldn’t be a repeat of last week. And AHOY!….. a parking lot with PAX milling about! No Kodak solo this week. After exiting the vehicle, I showed my appreciation and had a moment…

Warm fuzzies for all!

After the smoke cleared, there were 4 HIMs ready to roll. Even though the mood and number were different from the Musket of last week, the song remained the same, meaning last week’s Weinke would be this week’s Weinke…because by GAWD if I did it, you’re going to as well.

(Pulling an audible on the Mood Tune. Now with the touchy-feely out of the way, play this throughout the remainder: )

Disclaimer: Short, semi-sweet, ended abruptly by a quick pivot and sprint-like Mosey to Founder’s Plaza.

The First Bits:
During our Mosey, the Head-Always-on-a-Swivel Chunder noticed headlights turning into the AO behind us. He scampered back to pick up the possible (?) Six. What a guy.

All in Cadence
Cotton Pickers x10
Don Quixotes x10

It was at this point that Chunder arrived with a stray Wildcat, who insisted he was intentionally late to miss the obviously-beneath him warm up.
Hillbillies x20
Plank Jacks x10
Mountain Climbers x20

Mosey to Durham Park Bridge No.1


Please excuse my dear Aunt Sally.

YHC, then tries to fulfill the “19 for 19 Challenge” on this next station, but apparently had problems finding the letter “19” in the Thesaurus. HIPAA pulled out his pocket abacus and set the group straight. Edits below.
Bridge No.1 = Merkins regu-lar x8, I mean, x9
Run to Bridge No.2 = Merkins regu-lar x8, I mean, x10
x3, but with a new exercise each time:
Incline Merkins
Derkin Jacks (brutal)

Mosey to Hill St.

Run to the parking lot atop Hill Street.
Jump Squats x10
CrossFit Merkins x15
LBCs x30
Run back down

Repeato, but in reverse…
Backward run up (brutal)
LBCs x10
CrossFit Merkins x15
Jump Squats x30
Run back down.

Mosey to Tunnels of Love

YHC will admit that there was a lot of long-distance Moseying today, especially for a Kodak workout, but I explained (after much snide mumblechatter, making me wish to be alone once more) that I was trying to give some conditioning opportunity to any PAX who are participating in the 5k/10k this weekend (Link in Announcements section). So, YOU’RE WELCOME! *scoff.

You gotta give the people what they want…

So to OBLIGE THEM! and their “Are we there yet” bickering, we stopped for a quick pain station while admiring an artist’s rendition of Orion.
Dips x10 in candence
Short Mosey to the Tunnels of Love..

…only to find it roped off.
The crowd fell silent and fearful that we should just pack it up and head home. YHC don’t play that…

Actual surveillance footage of YHC being a harda$$ trailblazer.

Turns out, it was just a coat of paint, long dried by the Boone night.
Cross the tape and commence BeatDown…

LBCs x20
Bear Crawl through Tunnel No.1
Carolina Dry Docks x20
Run to Tunnel No.2
LBCs x20
Lunge walk through Tunnel No.2
Carolina Dry Docks x20

Start the LONG Mosey back to AO

Vary between High Knees and Butt Kickers.
Carioca the length of Sanford Mall, switching sides halfway through
Arrive back at AO for some Mary

Freddie Mercuries x20
Flutterkicks x20
Stump Jumpers x15

Heels to Heaven x15
Guantanamo (2 rounds)

With 20 seconds remaining, and my Weinke completed, we decided to pour one out for our boy Armor with, you guessed it…
SSH’s x20

Time called.

Again, this weekend is the High Country Cool Down 5k/10k. You can sign up below or the day of.

Again, continue to push yourself with the “19 For 19 Challenge” if you can’t make it out to the workouts (where we work them into the workouts).

AGAIN and ALWAYS, feel free to sign up for an opportunity to Q Your Own Adventure here…

Prayer Requests:
Remember Wildcat and Family as they embark tomorrow on an awesome trip to Italy. Pray for their safety and pray they bring back a lot of souvenirs (sauces, breads, Ferraris, etc.)

Remember Chunder as he awaits some much needed home improvements.

Ball of Man

-Highlights: Great work put in by all. Chunder keeping Wildcat on course. Awesome to see NAFTA out again…keep posting, brother.

-Lowlights: YHC’s bad math, the child-like complaining about Mosey length, Chunder escaping the group to do his exercises at the other end of the tunnel alone, fearful that he would get paint all over his new F3 blouse.

As always, it’s a pleasure to post, and and honor to lead. Until next time, gentlemen, keep getting better.

“We need the iron qualities that go with true manhood. We need the positive virtues of resolution, of courage, of indomitable will, of power to do without shrinking the rough work that must always be done.”

Theodore Roosevelt

Hill Street Blues: MUSKET Backblast for 7-24-19

Mood Tune:
Hit “Play”, turn it up, and grab the tissues…

AO: Musket, 5:15am
Conditions: Full on Gloom, foggy, AND 47 DEGREES F! *chef’s kiss
PAX: *sigh*……Kodak(QIC) = 1

The alarm came earlier than usual, it seemed, this morning, but none the less, YHC had signed up to Q and couldn’t disappoint. PLUS, YHC received his shiny new F3 gear in the mail and was ready to show it off. “YHC” for the rest of this blast will stand for “Your HAWT Cutness” because fellas…it’s workin’…

Vanity aside, I show up to the AO 5 mins early, full of boyish anticipation. Chunder had told me previously he’d be out, so there was no rooster-like yelling of “GOOD MORNING!”, but more importantly, no Shovel Flag. The morning already had an odd air about it. Five minutes turned to 4, then 3…then 2…..nobody…1 minute…anybody?… Bueller?

I gave it yet another 2 mins in case someone got caught in that hectic, hellish, 5am Boone traffic. Alas, it was just me standing in a parking lot, looking cute, and pondering the time-old question of:
“If a Kodak cries alone in a parking lot, does he make a sound?”

Being one not to waste a Weinke, YHC tightened the laces and started to Mosey toward Founder’s Plaza.

Disclaimer: Given internal-monologue-style, in James Earl Jones’s voice. Specifically “Field of Dreams”-Terence Mann-“They will come, Ray”-speech-at-the-end-of-the-movie James Earl Jones voice.

The saddest of Moseys

The First Bits:
Arrive at Founder’s Plaza (exercises all in cadence…and yes…I did it aloud, and it’s never been more precise, crisp, and exact.)

Cotton Pickers x10
Don Quixotes x10
Hillbillies x20
Stump Jumpers x10
Mountain Climbers x20

Mosey to Durham Park Bridge No.1

Bridge No.1 = Merkins regu-lar x8
Run to Bridge No.2 = Derkins x8
, fulfilling today’s “19 for 19 Challenge” (full challenge calendar in Announcements)
Mosey to Hill St.

Run to the parking lot atop Hill Street.
Jump Squats x10
CrossFit Merkins x15
LBCs x30
Run back down

Repeato, but in reverse…
Backward run up (brutal)
LBCs x10
CrossFit Merkins x15
Jump Squats x30
Run back down.

Mosey to Tunnels of Love

This portion originally called for partnering up, but seeing as I was solo…(have I mentioned yet that I was by myself this morning? Start the Mood Tune over for a 2nd play and keep reading.)…I pulled an audible on the Weinke and sallied forth.

Huh? Huh?…Amirite?!

LBCs x20
Bear Crawl through Tunnel No.1
Carolina Dry Docks x20
Run to Tunnel No.2
LBCs x20
Lunge walk through Tunnel No.2
Carolina Dry Docks x20

Start the LONG Mosey back to AO

Carioca the length of Sanford Mall, switching sides halfway through
Arrive back at AO for some Mary

Flutterkicks x20
Plank Jacks x15
Breakdancers x10

Time called.

2nd F is going on this Thursday (July 25th) at The Speckled Trout, 6pm.
THEY HAVE F3 BEER…Click here to find your way.

The “bridge to bridge” exercise today helped fulfill today’s requirement for the “19 For 19 Challenge”. If you’re not posting, at least try to carve out some time in your day to better yourself and, at the same time, honor young Garrett who lost his life.

And there was a significant amount of moseying this morning. That was to help condition any PAX willing to do the High Country Cool Down 5k/10k coming up soon. Sign up right’cheya…

As always, sign up to Q. You might like it. Don’t think about it too much. Just pick a day and punish everyone around you. What’s not to like?!

Also, today’s events should spark a discussion about crafting AT LEAST one other Shovel Flag. No need for Chunder to keep all of that Sweet, Sweet Murica Freedom for himself. We’ll discuss later.

Ball of Me


This day was historic. It’s the first time a local F3 Boone PAX posted a video name-O-rama! You can enjoy it here…
NAME-O-RAMA 7-24-19

I’ve been joking this whole time about being by myself for this BeatDown, and it was a bit humorous (in a sad way), but I actually enjoyed myself. After waiting those 2 minutes before the workout, I had considered getting back in the truck and calling it a day…for about 5 seconds. But then decided, “Hey, I’m up, I’m dressed. Make the most of it.”

I say this with no braggadocio, or lifting up of myself in anyway. Because I know any other HIM of F3 Boone, or F3 Nation in general would’ve done the same.
Yes, we do what we do to lift each other up and help each other progress (that’s what F3 is all about)…but occasionally, we need a few instances where we can self-evaluate, self-motivate, and really delve into making our own self better as each day comes along. How can you lead others without properly considering how to lead yourself?

So, try to find some moments today to do just that…make yourself better. Whether it’s putting the phone down to listen to someone intently, going out of your way to help someone (no matter how big or small the act), holding your tongue when a smart/hurtful comment is on the end of it, not holding your tongue when a compliment is on the end of it…whatever…

Find those moments to really Be the Bacon…and by God…Pass the Bacon.

Until next time, gentlemen.

“I come to the garden alone,
While the dew is still on the roses;
And the voice I hear, falling on my ear,
The Son of God discloses.”

Lyrics from “In The Garden”, written by C. Austin Miles

Maybe/Hops Double Play Co-QIC Festival of Pain

Posted on behalf of Hops (and Maybe kinda sorta):

F3 Boone – The Homestead – 7/20/19

Pax List:   Chunder, Digits (FNG), Slaughter, Outhouse, Kodak, Velma, Cowbell, Wildcat, Zippy, Shake & Bake, DIY, HIPAA, Armor, Mighty Wind, Maybe, Hops

Co-Q’s: Maybe & Hops

Ye Olde Moleskinny Thang:

YHC pulled in to the launch lot about 0645, and it warmed my soul to the Shovel Flag flying.  Turns out Chunder was doing a solo pre-run.  After some introductions as the pax mustered, Maybe took the reins.  No disclaimer, of course…who needs that?  Maybe had the Q-drenaline flowing immediately, and the pax headed up a significant hill to an odd, purple-painted daycare parking lot for COP.

Didn’t want to be that unknown guy who refusenik’s the first exercise, so I told HIPAA I was doing the SSH’s Maybe called only so not to offend the F3 Boone pax.  We did some other stuff in COP as well – Merkins might have been it in addition to the useless SSH’s.

Maybe then took us out to the road and pointed up a hill that would give any BRR runner some pause if he were running a leg like it.  1st time up the hill – 20 merkins, 25 squats & 50 LBC’s at any point on the way up or at the very top; just had to complete before heading down.

Some Mary performed – mostly plank work, some Rockhoppers & Stumpjumpers (aka Groiners), American Hammer, Flutters and such after the 1st and 2nd hill runs.

On one of the runs down, I noticed Shake & Bake carrying a water bottle.  WTH?  HIPAA – what’s going on here?  Maybe he was just unduly parched from celebrating his engagement!  T-claps to Shake & Bake who got engaged last night and posted this morning.  Praise God for your engagement and prayers for your marriage, brother.

Anyway, the 2nd run up consisted of 30 merkins, 40 squats & 50 LBC’s.

Some other sundry observations at this point:

  • Cowbell was wearing monkey feet shoes – that’s either genius or recipe for disaster…
  • Chunder yells a lot
  • Our FNG Digits (aka Scott and aka Slaughter’s daughter’s new boyfriend) was my partner for the morning. T-claps for posting with your girlfriend’s dad.  I’ll reuse the previous: ‘that’s either genius or a recipe for disaster’ [EDITOR’S NOTE: Alternative nicknames floated included “Slaughter Sure Has a Lot of Guns”.]
  • Kodak apparently shaved his mustache. Didn’t seem to slow him down.  Slaughter aptly pointed out he looked Amish.  I’d go with “Mose”, Dwight Schrute’s brother on “The Office”
  • Armor, who got named by The Colonel TBQPDQ or whatever? In Metro but had no idea why that’s his nickname, was there. He did say he was adding some steel plating or LED lights or some such to his Hummer/Jeep/Scout…so there’s that.  Also, at coffeeteria after, the pax learned that Armor loves Hootie & The Blowfish and all music that falls under the genre of “jangle pop”.  Yep…that’s right – “jangle pop”.  Rename in order?  HIPAA?  Chunder?  You were both at coffeeteria and have the requisite authority.  “Jangle Pop” would be a great nickname….just sayin’.

So at the 30’ish minute mark, Maybe handed the reins to YHC.  We would not be running any more hills.

Moseyed back to the launch lot and over to the matching pavilions.  Anyone know why a handful of the benches on the picnic tables only had a single seat on either end?  Handicap access?  Anyway, where was I?

2 sets of 20 double-squat jump-up’s and 20 incline Merkins on the tables.

Partner work in between the sets:     Over-under’s x 10.  Flapjack.

Partner work after the 2nd set:          Prairie Fire Mary x 7L, 7C, 7R. Flapjack.

Partner Derkins x 13. Flapjack.

We did some more Mary at this point.  Called Rosalita’s, but after Slaughter loudly asserted that they were worthless exercises, YHC audibled to slow Flutters.  At this point, I was accused of not having a Weinke.  The nerve!  #coachable

Maybe then complained that he was itching or wet or ants were biting, so we did a short lap and came back for some more Mary to finish…in the grass to start….just because.  The F3 Metro guys are not used to their feet or hands hitting grass or dirt.  Just pavement in “The Jungle”, baby!

We finished with some more Mary, including Makthar N’Djaiye’s in the gravelly parking lot…you can blame Maybe for the chewed up elbows.  #cobains

We finished with 10 Burpees OYO, with a quick form tutorial on Burpees.  Might have overstepped, but Slaughter didn’t call me out…

Some other stuff happened, but I can’t remember.

There were some announcements, too:

  • A 5K or 10K or both for F3 and the High Country Soccer Stars or some such on August 3rd at 9am from the soccer complex. (ask HIPAA) LINK:
  • Thursday happy hour at 6pm at the Speckled Bass or Brown Trout or some watering hole (ask Kodak). Editor’s Note: The Speckled Trout in Blowing Rock.

Kodak took the pax out with a great prayer.

It was a privilege to Q the pax of F3Boone this morning.  Excited for what you’ve got started in the high country.  Please know there are many men who need what you’ve found in F3.  Give it away.  EH your neighbor, co-worker, daughter’s boyfriend, etc.  This life was not meant to be lived in isolation, physically or relationally.  Fellowship is essential.

“As iron sharpens iron,
so one person sharpens another.”  Proverbs 27:17