8-6-2019 Foxfire

Armor (QIC), Kodak, Chunder, Tank, Lil-‘Timmy – 5 total

The Thang:

15 Imperial Walker

15 Hill Billy

15 SSH

Mosey to Hospital

Lung Walk Across Bridge

15 Dip

15 Jump up

15 Dip

15 Jump Up

20 Dip

20 Jump Up

15 SSH

Hospital 4 corners

15 squat

15 jump squat

15 squat

15 jump squat

20 squat

20 jump squat

15 calf raise

20 SSH

Mosey + Indian Run

15 calf raises

Mosey + Indian Run


25 LBC

25 Dolly

25 LBC

25 Dolly

Mosey + Indian Run

20 Calf Raise

Jail Break Home

Finished 3min long @ 48mins



There Are No Flat Workouts in F3 Boone – Foxfire Backblast (7-16-19)

There Are No Flat Workouts in F3 Boone


Launch Conditions: Balmy 68 degrees. Muggy. Drinkable air.  

Pax: Canuck (Davidson), Chunder, HIPAA, Kodak, Little Timmy, NAFTA, Thin Mint (Charleston, SC)

Mileage: An aggressive 3.04 miles

Difficulty: A Full Teddy on the Herman-Willink Scale. 

Disclaimer: Given twice. See notes below.

Strava Map: Looks a little bit like a coonskin cap. Or maybe like Cutman from Mega Man if you turn it upside down and squint hard.  


7 Pax including 2 DR pax from other Regions and one FNG discovered that hills are never very far away when you are in @F3Boone  

Muster at Shovel Flag at 0530. #ZuluTime

Brief disclaimer to full veteran squad.

Mosey to paved parking lot. Started doing some warmups. SSH, IW, Merkins, Mountain Climbers, Hillbillies, etc. FNG wanders up and falls right into cadence. Immediately cue the mumblechatter – “Who are you? Are you confused? Why are you here? F3? On purpose?” YHC stops the workout to re-give the full, authentic disclaimer. #JusticeNeverSleeps. 

Realized there was some sort of local law enforcement PT going on at the same time. Cars rolling in left and right. Avoided being identified and no mention of outstanding warrants. Close call. 

Wander across the street to the kiddie playground. 5 laps around playground. Descending pullups starting at 5 (each lap). Flex-hang for the six. 

Mosey to the Baseball field. Teach the pax about the positions on a baseball field. Run positions from 9 to 1. Merkins. Finish squatting behind home plate with Al Gore. Run it back with CDDs. 

Mosey to Ye Olde Student Parking Lot. Lots of pavement. Vast. Flat. Blacktop as far as the eye can see…..


At this point in the workout, the Canadian decides to comment that it sure is flat in Boone and how he has to tell all his friends that he made it out of Boone without running hills. Fortunately, this is where my Weinke ended so it was ad lib-o-rama from here on out…..


YHC opened up the playbook, let the creative juices flow, and really started to explore the space. 

Impromptu Triple Nickel between the light posts (merkins and jump squats). Can you feel it, baby? I can too. 

Now about those hills……

Head towards Mt. Nickelback. Along the way, we did some backwards running, carioca, high knees, various and sundry errata etc etc. 

Ascent of Mt. Nickelback

No tricks, just straight up All You Can Eat Hill. 5 x merkins at each turn in the road. Meet at top. Yog back down. 

Grab a couple of fist-sized coupons and execute the 21 Gun Salute. 

Indian Run aka Mosey of Native American Oppression back to the launch. #NoManLeftBehind




Most of the moleskin is embedded above today. I gotta tell you, coming into this morning YHC was not altogether sure what he would find. Certainly not amped up and not particularly well-prepared. But like all great F3 AOs, #IronSharpensIron and immediately caught a contact high off the pax (or was that LT’s dinner last night?) and got the Q Juice flowing. Canuck definitely poked the bear when he suggested the lack of hills. YHC believes that was the turning point. All good from there out. 

A few good messages in the COT today – especially from Canuck. Look out for each other. Take care of yourself. You cannot be the leader you were created to be without first “getting right”. Just because you think you are fit doesn’t mean you are healthy – go to the doctor. If something is wrong, speak up. Don’t wait until it is too late. Life is precious. 

Blessed to have Thin Mint with us today from Charleston and so great to have Kodak back from his sojourn. 

Little Timmy (LT) has been hitting it hard and consistently. He puts a lot of younger guys to shame. A great addition to the pax. Looking forward to your first Q, brother. 

Welcome to FNG NAFTA. But isn’t NAFTA dead? Maybe? Maybe not? A great man once said “What is dead can never die.” So, NAFTA, welcome to immortality. Enjoy it. 


Sign up for the 5K/10K High Country Cool Down on August 3 – https://runsignup.com/Race/NC/Boone/HighCountryCoolDown5K10K



Sign up to Q! Link is here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/508054ea4af2da75-master


A Few Missed Backblast

July 1 – Beefy Bass – Q-Armor & Lassie – then we found Chunder at the AO when we returned… 4.8 Miles from Bass Lake to Manor House & Back…

July 5 – Willy’s Way – Q-Armor, Chunder, Lassie Today, Chero, Breaker-Breaker, Yosef, Mr. Roboto, & Mighty-Wind – We did a Tour of Downtown Blowing Rock – I guess the only note worthy thing was a 101 consecutive Side Straddle Hops cause folks are not letting me forget the call

July 8 – Beefy Bass – Q-Armor, HIPPA, & Chunder – Approx 4.8 Miles from Bass Lake to Manor House & Back…

July 9- Q-Armor, HIPPA, Chunder, and a guest from down the Mtn – “Band Camp” – Approx 2.9 Miles – Stroll Around Boone

The Thang

FNG – Lil-Timmy (59) Joined the ranks today… w. 8 other PAX – DD, Armor, Chunder, Yosef, HIPPA, Zippy, + 2 (sorry i forgot)

3 Miles

Several Exercises – I dont remember them all.

Good time. Good Workout. Getting Better.

Edit: DIY and NARC were the two unlisted Pax…….

The Headwaters of the Mighty Durham Park Tributary of the North Fork of the New River



Launch Conditions: About 54 degrees. Warmest weather to date.
Pax: Auto (LKN), Chunder, Dingo (LKN), HIPAA (QIC), Kodak, Tootsie Pop, Wildcat
Mileage: 1.74 miles
Difficulty: I give it a Hugh Glass on the Herman-Willink Scale.

Disclaimer: Given and legally accurate.

7 #HIMs gathered for a Legend-ary tour of The Mighty Durham Park Tributary of the New River and surrounding areas. Here is what we did.






Mountain Climbers


Mosey to Durham Park

Big Laps around Pond w exercise at each bench (alternating)

Lap 1: Derkins/Bench Jumps

Lap 2: Incline Merkins/Step ups

Lap 3: Dips/Single Leg Squats

Mosey to Locust Street. It has a slight upward incline. You might notice it in your hammies.

AYG sprints to each cross street, drop for 1 burpee at each one.

Gather at plaza in front of Student Union.

Mosey down to plaza near micro-stonehenge.

Dips x 20

RDLs x 10/leg


Mosey back to launch.


Broken Egg

Dying cockroach

Freddie Mercury




Great workout, solid beatdown and terrific fellowship.

Honored to have Auto and Dingo with us from LKN (not to be confused with MECA!).

Kodak emerged out of the Gloom somewhere near a dumpster or on-campus housing.

Chunder fueled by a pre-Naval-enrollment high and consistently circling back to pick up the Six.

Tootsie Pop continues to emerge and is becoming a regular out there.

Next workout Saturday at 7am with special guest Q Gump!