Sting like a Bee

This week’s FNG “Honey Bee” requested an extra workout and we were happy to oblige. The announcement went out Thursday evening and Friday morning three pax showed up at Legends for a bit o’ honey. Q: Yosef, PAX: Lab Rat and Honey Bee

Legends Lot:
Arm Circles OYO
Hammy Stretchers OYO
Windmills x20
Slippery Dip Cans x10
Imperial Walkers x10
Steve Earl x10
Copperhead Merkins x10

Mosey to Durham Park
Route 66: At each park bench, 11:1 Dips and Derkins. Jog to next bench, 10:2. Continue until 1:11. Totals: 66 Dips, 66 Derkins

Mosey to Horn in the West Drive
Double Nickel: Sprint up hill to 2nd Hampton entrance, slow squats until the last man arrives. five burpees at top. Jog down to repeat

Mosey to Daniel Boone Park
Ring of Fire:
20 step-ups in pavilion
Lunge Walk to swingset, 15 Wooly Worms
Broad Jump to balance beam, 20 stump-jumpers
Lunge Walk to Monkey Bars, 10 pullups
Bear Crawl back to Pavillion

Mosey to Strawberry Hill Arboretum
Mary at the top:
LBCs x20
Box Cutters x20
Flutter kicks x20
Dolly x20
American Hammer x20

Jogged back to Legends for BOM closing ceremony. About 2.25 miles of running total.

Where you at Wildcat?

The Pack:

HIPPA, Lil’Timmy, Yosef, Mighty-Wind (CLT), DD (Ft Mill), GoGo (Raleigh), Elmer Fudd (Raleigh) & your QIC – Armor

1st Off – Wildcat was a no show after talking all-kinda smack on slack about quitters!

The Thang:

Mosey to Fire Station

10 x Burpee’s – OYO

Most to Bridge & Bear Crawl Across

Mosey to ASU Hospital Building

10 x Windmill

10 x Imp. Walker

10 x Cotten Picker

10 x Hillbilly

25 x Dip

4 corners of Mary around the hospital

25 x Dolly

25 x flutter

25 x LBC

25 x Freddy Mercury

Run in-between

50 x SSH

15 x Dip

REPEAT all Mary above 25 x of all…

Indian Run to Baseball Field Concrete Benches

Box Jump up Benches 1 Burpee @ Top, Run Down, Repeat until 7x Burpee’s @ Top

1 mile Indian Run to the to “The Hill”

Grab a ROCK…

30 x Curl

30 x Sholder Press

RUN “The Hill”

30 x Squat Row

30 x Tricep Press

RUN down the Hill & Return Rock

.75 mile Indian Run to Home Base

1 x Merkins

4 x Air Press

2 x Merkins

8 x Air Press

3 x Merkins

12 x Air Press

4 x Merkins

16 x Air Press

5 x Merkins

20 x Air Press

6 x Merkins

24 x Air Press

7 x Merkins

28 x Air Press

8 x Merkins

32 x Air Press

9 x Merkins

36 x Air Press

10 x Merkins

40 x Air Press

TIME CALLED right @ 60Min!

3.55 Miles Total

Announcements, Ball of Man, Coffee

Thanks for showing up Wildcat…

The Knob…IT LOOMS!: Backblast for Musket ~ 10-2-2019

Howard’s Knob…truly beautiful in the Fall!

AO: Musket
Conditions: 60 degrees F, crystal clear, constellations abound, 8/10 Al Rokers
PAX: Chunder, Yosef, Lassie, Lab Rat, HIPAA, NAFTA, Orphan, Kodak (Q)

With only a couple of days left in the wait for F3 Boone’s first ever CSAUP event, The Knob, YHC found it only proper to help these boys condition a little and familiarize them with some rapid change in elevation. I rolled into the parking lot of Musket this morning, thinking that some sort of “FREE BEER” sign had been placed alongside the highway, and an eager group of hooligans were awaiting their swill. Turns out, it was quite the opposite: a group of HIMs, ready to get it on in The Gloom, coaxed in by a ShovelFlag, waving proudly in the streetlight. So be it.

Disclaimer: Surrounded by veterans, I still gave the legal rundown well enough to combat anything an appellant court could throw at me.
Paperwork out of the way…we moseyed.

The First Bits:
Mosey to Founders Plaza
(all in cadence)
Hillbillies x10
Don Quixotes x10
Arm Circles forward x20 (due to HIPAA’s complaints/complements(?) around
rep 9)
Air Presses x20
Arm Circles backward x21 (extra rep for psychological warfare upon the aforementioned HIPAA)
Mosey to Convocation Center

3 sets of stairs – 2 landings per side
SSHs x20 at the bottom
Quick steps up stairs
Low Slow Squats x2 per landing
SSHs x40 at the top
Repeat descending stairs
Repeato each staircase
Plank it up once done

Series of Planks
R arm high
L arm high
R arm out, L leg out
Perform Plank Crunch (aka “Jane Fonda” courtesy of Lassie) x5
L arm out, R leg out
Perform Jane Fonda x5
Mosey to the base of Hill (hell) St.

Perform the Kodak Solo (aka Hill Street Blues)
Run to the parking lot up top
Perform the following:
Jump squats x10
Crossfit Merkins x15
LBCs x30
Run back down
Run up hill backward
Flip reps:
LBCs x10
Crossfit Merkins x15
Jump Squats x30
Run down
Mosey to Varsity Parking Lot

YHC had trouble filling the time of the hour-long Homestead last weekend. Back to life, back to reality…Now YHC has a Weinke WAY too long for Musket this week. (You’re welcome, ladies). So I had to cut’er short. Managing our distance from home, and working in a pain station or 2…gotta call an audible. So…

Preemptive Mary:
all in cadence
LBCs x15
Freddie Mercuries x15
American Hammers x20
Heels to Heaven x15
Mosey to Pink Floyd

Artist rendering of YHC

Groans began as soon as we topped the stairs…yadda yadda yadda. You don’t have to do lungewalks. You’re welcome. Thank the ticking clock. Anyway…

Partner up
P1 performs Box Jumps on the wall
P2 runs to end of the wall, does 3 burpees, returns
Failure to Launch (1 round): Hold Al Gore as one PAX counts to 5, then thrust upward into a jump tuck, landing back into Al Gore. Repeat around the circle till everyone’s had a chance to lord over the count. (Got pretty snappy counts toward the end.)
Mosey back to AO

Time called.


F3 Boone Schedule UPDATE

The Knob is going down THIS Saturday, October 5th. You have until 12pm midnight on Oct. 2nd (roughly 1 hr and 15 mins from me typing this) to pre-register online. (You can still register Saturday morning before 7:30am)
Full details here:

The day of The Knob, hang around for the festivities in town afterward, including F3 Boone’s very own Yosef, who will be sawing a hot fiddle with Amantha Mill on the porch of the Jones House at 12:15!

Prayer Requests:

Remember a friend of Yosef’s who’s currently undergoing testing for cancer.

Chunder requests prayer for the wife of a friend currently diagnosed with breast cancer.

Remember YHC’s grandfather and father-in-law, both coming off of surgeries and facing more.

Ball of Man.



So, the method of my madness this morning was a lot of running, continued cardio, and increased elevation to really get folks into the mindset of The Knob. Chunder’s magical watch went off, letting him know that we went just a little over 2 miles this morning (my watch tells me the time, and that’s all) which happens to be the length of The Knob run itself. So… I TOTALLY planned that all along. *wink*
It was great to have Orphan with us visiting from Carpex today. He had some great twitter interaction before and after visiting us today, so it was good for a little digital smack talk, leading into physical camaraderie. Great work, brother. We’ll have you up anytime!
Everyone threw in their sweat, their sass (HIPAA…looking at you), and their soul to the Gloom this morning…and it was appreciated.

As always, it’s a pleasure to work alongside you, and an honor to lead.
Until next time.


““The Strength of a man’s virtue should not be measured by his special exertions but by his habitual acts.”

-Blaise Pascal

Sticks and Stones…… Willy’s Way West(?) Backblast 10-1-19


Sticks and Stones…..


Launch Conditions: 62 degrees. Foggy. A bit damp from the overnight precipitation.
Pax: HIPAA (QIC), Lassie, Wildcat, Yosef

Mileage: 2.67 miles

Difficulty: Full Hugh Glass

Disclaimer: Check.

The Thang:

Gather at Launch. Unload wooden posts from Q’s car.

Mosey to small, paved parking lot.

Warm O Rama.

Mosey to State Farm Lot.

Looks like somebody “forgot” a few cinder blocks in the parking lot. Nothing goes with wooden posts like cinder blocks. Only one thing to do:


Partner 1 does as many wood post squats as possible. Partner 2 runs with cinder block around second light pole.


P1 does as many cinder shoulder presses as possible. Partner 2 runs with wooden post around light pole.


Same with thrusters, followed by curls.

Mosey with coupons to the base of Mt. Nickelback. Gentlemen, I give you:

Mt. Nickelback Coupon Suicides of Death

mt nickelback

Partner One starts running up Mt. Nickelback carrying the cinder block. Partner One leaves the cinder block at the first switchback and runs back down to start. Meanwhile, Partner Two is doing jump squats, Bonnie Blairs, and Apollo Anton Onos, eagerly awaiting Partner One’s return.


Partner Two runs up to where the first cinder block was left, picks it up and carries it up to the second switchback.


Partner One runs back up, picks up the cinder block, drops it off at the top, and returns back to the start.

Same thing all the way to the top with wooden posts…………………….

Finish with a run up to the top to retrieve the coupons and then mosey back down and back to launch.

Ain’t nobody got time for Mary round here.



Brutal. And Beautiful. Bru-tiful. Welcome to Knob Week, Boone. Hope you like pain.

YHC was running about 30 seconds late due to dropping off the cinder blocks in an inconspicuous place for later use. Wilcat was grouchy about that. Murmured something about starting late. YHC paid it back with interest at the end.

Yosef was early and crushed it without complaint. Thought he was going to yarf at the top of Mt. Nickelback on the last run up to the top.

Lassie. What to say about Lassie. He crushed it. While carrying his iPhone the whole time (somehow). Don’t ask, don’t tell.

We encountered another group (team?) at the State Farm Lot. Fortunately, they did not notify the authorities (as far as we know), but probably will have trouble sleeping tonight.



Monday – Willy’s Way West – Bootcamp
Legends, 190 Hardin St, Boone, NC 28607

Tuesday – Foxfire – Bootcamp
5:15am – 6:00am
Boone Greenway at Clawson-Burnley Park:
355 Hunting Hills Ln, Boone, NC 28607

Wednesday – Musket – Bootcamp


Legends, 190 Hardin St, Boone, NC 28607


Thursday – 5:30pm – Meetup with East Boone Running Club at 5:30pm at Booneshine (followed by beer and 2nd F)

Friday – Open.

Saturday – The Homestead at Respect Park
Saturday 7am – 8am
Boone Greenway at Clawson-Burnley Park:
355 Hunting Hills Ln, Boone, NC 28607

@HIPAA_F3 @GlobeMtnMadMan @jarboeboone @LabRat_F3 @TravisCritcher

The LONGEST Hour: Backblast for Homestead ~ 9-28-2019

PICTURED: Actual men who, in fact, did not post that day.

Mood Tune: Forever by KISS

AO: Homestead
Conditions: 60 degrees F, light haze, good Gloom, 7/10 Al Rokers
PAX: Breaker Breaker, Peeping Tom, Velma, Zippy, Wildcat, Kodak (Q) = 6

YHC had the Homestead Q to his lonesome for the first time ever, so I sat down and planned out a stream of fun torture activities for any HIMs willing to show up. Little did they, nor I, know that improvisation would rule the day in the end. You see…YHC is used to Q’ing Musket, Foxfire, Willy’s Way…all great AOs in their own right, and all of them consisting of 45 minutes. Homestead, the O.G., the mack daddy, the flag ship is a SOLID hour of sweating betterment…I just didn’t realize HOW solid of an hour it was. So let’s just hop into it, shall we?

The First Bits:

Baccer Pickers
Arm circles forward (hold)
Air presses (hold)
Arm circles backward
Mtn climbers
Mosey to straightaway


At each tree do a burpee then 1 jumpsquat
Next tree, 2 jump squats, next tree, 3 jumpsquats, etc.

Ascend to 10 jumpsquats then descend
(ended back at 3 jumpsquats)
Mosey to State Farm Lot

Partner up
One runs suicide with first 2 poles
Other does CrossFit Merkins
Repeato but with LBCs
Mosey to stairs

P1 bunny hops stairs, 2 burpees
P2 Freddie Mercuries
Repeato but with 4 burpees up top
Mosey to Mt Nickleback

There it was, just standing there. Looking down upon the weak.

It was around this point when YHC checked his watch to see that only 20 DAMNED MINUTES HAD PASSED?! 3 Pain Stations, 2 of which had Repeatos, and only 20 minutes in!? Oh well, Mt Nickleback always separates the men from the boys, and chews up the clock more than a Dean Smith 4 Corners strategy. And I’m talking pre-shot clock era Dean Smith, too.

Run to switchback 1 for 10 SSHs
Run to switch 2 for 10 Shoulder Taps

Run to switch 3 for 20 SSHs
Run to top for 20 shoulder taps
Run back down, same exercises but with 30reps & 40reps

All men accounted for back at the bottom, YHC checks watch once more…11 minutes have passed. I guess I’m dealing with the HIMmiest of HIMs today because everyone is smoking everything I’m throwing at them and asking for more. With only Mary left on my Weinke, it was time for some Seat-Of-The-Pants action, which normally means one thing…

Rock Pile (grab a rock of your choosing)
Do an exercise, drop it, then rotate to the right each exercise
Curls x15 in cadence
Shoulder press x15 in cadence
Tricep x15 in cadence
Bent over row x15 in cadence
Bench press x15 in cadence
Goblet squat x15 (civilian count)
American Hammers x20 (psychological warfare)
in cadence
Drop your rock and…

Partner up for Catch Me If You Can
P1 Runs backward
P2 does 5 Apollo Anton Ono’s then chases P1
When he catches, switch roles
Repeato, but with 5 Bonnie Blairs
Mosey to State Farm Lot

Alright, things are looking pretty good, 10 minutes left, we can get through this with a little Mary, and some trotting back to AO. YHC’s got this…


Heels to Heaven
Flutter kicks
Series of Planks (L arm high, R arm high, L arm out R arm out, then 5 plank crunches, repeato other side)
Indian Run back to home base

That’s it guys! We made it! Great work everybody, looks like we’ve only got5moreminutesleftOHMYGODGOGRABSOMEBENCHIGUESS!?

All in cadence
Incline Merkins
Diamond Merkins

Time called (thank GOD!)

The Knob is this coming up this Saturday. Online registration is cut off Oct. 2nd…so GET ON IT!


The new F3 BOONE schedule is up. Check it out. Post. Bring an FNG. Get better.

Prayer requests:
Breaker Breaker requested prayers for the health conditions of several family members.
Kodak requested continued prayers for his father-in-law recovering from surgery.

Ball of Man.


Everyone did great work as always. No matter how much I threw at them (planned or improvised), they just kept coming back for more. Good to see that Breaker Breaker and Peeping Tom (our “Gameday Crew”) could be regulars throughout the pigskin season. (Please note Peeping Tom sighting below….he’s not the only peeping Tom it turns out.)

Front and center: You can always tell an F3 Man.

Always a pleasure to hang out with you guys, and an honor to lead.
Until next time, my dudes.


“If unwilling to rise in the morning, say to thyself, ‘I awake to do the work of a man.’”

– Marcus Aurelius

Race to the Bottom – Musket Backblast 9-18-19


Race to the Bottom


Launch Conditions: 58 degrees.
Pax: Armor, HIPAA (QIC), Lassie, Zippy

Mileage: 2+ miles? YHC forgot his watch….
Difficulty: Jack Chapman.

Disclaimer: Check.


Mosey to park. Start as group. At each bench do 5 single leg step ups (each leg). If you catch the pax ahead of you, you skip the next bench and the pax who was caught must do 5 burpees.

Repeat with decline merkins.

Repeat with Heels to Heaven.

Mosey towards mini Stonehenge. On the way stop for lunge walk up stairs and some merkins for fun.

Arrive at mini Stonehenge. Dips in cadence. LBCs with feet up on bench in cadence.

Mosey to small rock pile. Curls x 100.

Mosey to Launch.




Hey, better late than never. YHC enjoyed the race day atmosphere of the jaunt around the park. It added an element of competition. There is nothing like being chased by Lassie and the prospect of penalty burpees to make you push it. Everyone pushed it out there. Great workout, great fellowship. That’s all I got for today!


We are floating a potential new schedule for comments. See below. Please provide feedback:

Monday – Legends

Tuesday – Park

Wednesday – Legends

Thursday – Meetup with East Boone Running Club at 5:30 at Booneshine (followed by beer)

Friday – Free

Saturday – Park

Weekdays will be at 515a. Saturday will be at 7am.

As always, feedback is encouraged and welcome. New schedule would start the Week of September 30.


Cinco de GUYo: Backblast for Foxfire ~ 9-17/19

PICTURED: Chunder, tooting his own horn.

Mood Tune: Hotel California by The Gypsy Kings

AO: Foxfire
Conditions: 60 degF, clear with a CRAZY moon, slight breeze, 9/10 Al Rokers
PAX: Chunder, Shake’N Bake, Lab Rat, Zippy, Kodak (Q) = 5

Disclaimer: Brief, ironclad

First bits:
Mosey to paved lot
SSHs x20 in cadence
Hillbillies x15 in cadence
Mtn Climbers x15 in cadence HOLD
Merkins x10 in Chunder count

(YHC called “civilian” count “down count” to keep everyone informed of what I would say. Chunder got sassy (shocker) and tried to correct YHC. So, “I SAY ‘CHUNDER’, YOU SAY ‘ONE!’ …CHUNDER!…ONE! CHUNDER!… TWO!… and so on. He loved it, unfortunately)
Mosey to SmallBall (little ball park, big cement stands)

Partner up (odd number, so YHC fell in where I could)
P1 does dips on bottom step
P2 box jumps the big steps to the top, runs length of stands up top, back down
Repeato, but exercise changes to Incline Merkins
Mosey to Maroon 5
(new name for (adam) Levine Hall)

Friends don’t let friends get bad ink.

4 corners around grassy median
C1 Plank jacks x10
C2 Jump squats x10
C3 Peter Parkers x10
C4 Shoulder taps x10
Repeato twice, going x20 on Round 2, x30 on Round 3
Mosey to Hospital Parking Deck
(don’t worry, everyone was fine)

3 Levels, 3 exercises…ZERO RAMPS?! (apparently, we found a deck with no slopes. Da Fah? Stairs utilized instead.)
Level 1: LBCs x25
Run Level 1 lap, run up stairs to L2
L2: American Hammers x25
Run L2 lap, run up stairs to L3
L3: Freddie Mercuries x25
Repeato from top to bottom, except, sprint downbacks (no lap) and double all reps = x50, x50, x50

Mosey back to Maroon 5

1 PAX runs lap around the front sidewalk while others perform exercise. Runner calls out next exercise when he returns.
American Hammers
Heels to Heaven
Mosey back to AO

Pretty much what any passerby saw…

Reach MLK Dr. for a series of runs:
Backward Run
Backward High Knees
Backward Butt Kickers
Carioca Left
Carioca Right
Time called.

Instead, many PAX will be involved with the BR Conservancy Run, join them:

The Knob is upcoming. Join it as well:

The IronPAX challenge continues, so continue to check SLACK for the last-minute updates that come with that.

Keep an eye on weekly emails for the upcoming workout schedules that will affect the here-on-out. Discuss amongst yourself whether you agree/disagree and make your voice heard.

Prayer requests:
Chunder has a coworker who’s daughter had a terrible leg injury. Remember that family.
Zippy and boy scouts are traveling for a camp trip. Lord, provide them safe travel.
Please remember YHC’s grandfather and father-in-law. The former just got out of an American hospital, and the latter is currently abroad in a Spanish hospital.
And finally, Shake’N’Bake declared that “Jesus is good.”
Aye aye, brother.

Ball of Man.


-Good work by all. Hardly any 6 to wait on, and when there was, Chunder and others scooped them up without pause. Iron Sharpens Iron.

-A dog somewhere FAR in the distance would not stop calling out as we inhabited the parking deck. This wild animal obviously got a snout full’o HIM and felt threatened…as he should.

-We experienced our first “Stank’N Bake”. Post sometime in the future to find out for yourself.

Always great to wake and make yourself better with guys who are there to do the same.
Till next time, gents…


“There is one rule, above all others, for a man. Whatever comes, face it on your feet.”

– Robert Jordan